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Some Facts About the Weight Loss Industry and Why it is Flourishing

Updated on April 7, 2012
Medicines or Fruit?
Medicines or Fruit? | Source

Stark Fact - Everybody is unhappy with their weight!

Human nature is such that we are never satisfied with what we have. If we weight too little we want to put on weight and if we weight too much we want to lose weight. It is this basic nature that has allowed health professionals to prosper the world over. From Belgium to Bangladesh every one is obsessed with their weight!

The weight loss niche alone is a 60 Billion dollar per year industry! I'm quoting this figure from the blog of well known Affiliate Marketer Zack Johnson. The post may not be written by him, (He's got a lot of guest bloggers on this month) but it sure deals well with the way the industry is constantly expanding. While I was aware that the weight loss niche can be an affiliate marketeer's best friend, even I was surprised to see the actual figures quoted.

A number of people are making money online and off line from the weight loss industry, but the question that comes to my mind is where do they get their clients? Why do we have so many fat or obese people in the society today? Is there something that is basically wrong with us as a society or is it more of an individual problem?

The Food We Eat and its Impact on Obesity

There is no doubt that the instant food that we eat today is laden with a whole lot of calories and not nearly enough nutrition compared to what we ate in our grandmother's kitchen. A freshly cooked meal with helpings of vegetables, pulses and healthy carbohydrates is any day better than fried meat with mayonnaise and unhealthy sides. Somehow we can't make the lifestyle change required to eat healthy and this means that we end up becoming fatter and fatter till we eventually get obese.

The Media Image of the Perfect Body

Obesity brings on its related health problems, but none of them is as severe as the loss of self esteem due to poor self image. This self image is often made up of not having a socially acceptable body. Unfortunately the media image of the perfect body is far from perfect for a number of us. The race, the body type and even the metabolism can all be so far removed from the stick thin role models we see in advertisements or on screen. This leads to a sense of guilt and a feeling of dissatisfaction with the self image.

The Race to Lose Weight

We are a people who like to fix things that are at odds with our beliefs. So if we are obese and want to actually look like a size zero lingerie model we will get onto the weight loss band wagon and try out all kinds of weird products and services to help us lose weight. It is this race to lose weight that fuels the weight loss industry. All kinds of products and services are designed around this weight loss race and almost every single one of them does well if it can give even the slightest proof of actually aiding weight loss.

What products and services are linked to the wightloss industry?

This is essentially the formula for weight loss.

Losing weight = eating less + exercising more

So the two main elements are "Eating" and "Exercising". Based on these two elements related to weight loss a number of specialized products and services have been developed. Some of these can actually be quite helpful to a person striving to lose weight while others are not too beneficial. Some can actually be harmful to the human body as well.



Exercise Cycles

Medicine Balls

Sports Equipment


Weighing Scales



Personal Trainer



Appetite Suppressing pills

Diet Shakes

Fat Burning pills

Nutrition bars

Weight loss pills



Healthy Meals

Each of these products and services promises to help you in your weight loss battle. However if you find some tall claims I would advice you to stay away from them. There is no instant solution to weight loss unless you are thinking in terms of surgery, so if the diet gurus and weight training experts claim miracles, be a wary of them.

You may like to read about how I lost 10 kgs and gain some inspiration. I did not go to any specialist and no I was not on any of the crazy fad diets that many people tend to go on to lose weight. What I did do was eat sensibly and experience plenty and it did work in my case. Remember each individual has his own body type and metabolic rate so its not possible for you to get the exact same result as your friend even if both of you are exercising the exact same way.

In the end I'd like to say that persistence pays off. So find what works for you and stick with it.


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    • profile image

      Eat Healthy 5 years ago

      Couldn't agree more. Its just a bit to make us eat as much junk food as we can to get fat and then make more money by making us starve on fancy diets to lose weight.

    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 5 years ago from India

      Processed food made lives easier for the cooks but ruined the health of the family :)Now its the back to basics campaign that will help improve the health of the family and reduce obesity.

    • Sinea Pies profile image

      Sinea Pies 5 years ago from Northeastern United States

      You'd think with all the money we have spent to lose weight we'd all be skinny! LOL I will now be clicking the link to read your testimonial on how you lost weight. I need some inspiration. You'd

    • ii3rittles profile image

      ii3rittles 5 years ago

      I agree that no one is ever happy and its a tool used in marketing. They made it this way since the days of Nimrod. Supply and demand. They use it not only with our own self-esteem but how we reflect onto others. This is why people think more highly of thoughs who drive nicer cars and have better homes and less of those who do not.

      The way the weight loss industry works is they make food they KNOW will cause problems in weight gain and health to fuel the medical industry with money. They make this food in high quantities and mark them for less money. The foods that are then healthy, cost more money. This creates a cycle of money on both ends. If you are poor and can't afford "good" food, you eat "bad" food that in turns costs you more trips to the doctor and more insurance money they pocket from you, yet at the same time, if you spend more money on better food, they still make that profitable difference up. Its sick and sad, if you ask me.

      Foods to avoid are highly processed junk that is loaded with high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, soy, highly processed carbohydrates and anything that has to many dyes. Processed soy alone will make you fat. This is found in A LOT of frozen meals.

      Thanks for this hub! Voted useful & up! =)