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Some healthy and beneficial methods of relieving stress.

Updated on September 16, 2015

a) Exercise. Vigorous exercise such as running, cycling, boxing, or the best of all, swimming are some of the exercise you can do to relieve stress. Rather than take the stress on others, why not focus your energy on sports which not only good for health, but its fun too.

b) Delicious food. You need to choose wisely on types of food to eat when you're stressed out. Try place more emphasize on nutritional foods such as fruits and vegetables rather than foods high in calories and fats. Fruits which is sweet can be a good stress reliever other than nutritious.

c) Communicate well with peers. Having peers who understand your stress can help improve the communication plus sharing solutions to overcome it rather than carry the burden alone. However, choosing peers need to be cautious as some peers may leads you to wrong direction of social ills which only deepens your stress level.

d) Sleep comfortably. Sleep well in comfortable environment can help you forget the daily stress you face and you will forget all about it until the next morning.

How to manage personal stress well?

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