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Some important facts about nicotine

Updated on October 10, 2012

There are a lot of things or substances that are addictive, and the perhaps most addictive is the nicotine which is found in cigarettes. Millions of lives already perished because of smoking, and many more are projected to succumb to diseases caused by smoking in the coming years.

Smoking has a lot of disadvantages especially to one’s health since this deadly habit can inflict damage to lungs and even heart. Smoking is also the cause of many diseases. Though cigarettes may seem to give you a feeling of being relaxed and creative, it tends to make you create mistakes. Smoking also kills brain cells and this is habit is expected to make you forgetful.

Here is short list of things about cigarette smoking from reliable sources:

  • Smoking resulted in 4.1 million deaths in 2009, and this figure is expected to shoot up further to a whopping 8.9 million by 2020. (Source: Action on Smoking and Health, Australia, 2003; WHO 2002)
  • Tobacco and poverty form a vicious link. Tobacco tends to be consumed by the poor folks. In turn, it contributes to poverty through loss of income and loss of productivity due to illnesses and premature deaths that are linked to smoking. (Source: Dr. S. Pilanbangchung – Regional Director, WHO –SEAR 2005)
  • Cigarette smoke has over 4,000 chemicals, including ammonia (floor and toilet cleaner), arsenic (rat poison), formaldehyde (body tissue preserver), hydrogen cyanide (gas chamber poison). (Source: Surgeon General Report, US Government 1989)

Here are some facts about smoking from credible sources. I hope it helps in getting rid of your smoking habits.

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