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Some of the Most Common Male Reproductive Problems

Updated on December 7, 2014

Some reproductive problems are common among many men. Inflammations and other unusual conditions affect many men worldwide.

Prophylactics and proper treatment are needed to guarantee the male reproductive health. As a result, knowing how to recognize these conditions and getting regular medical examinations is of vital importance.

Some of the most common male reproductive problems and the symptoms that can help for the identification of each.


The inflammation of the urethra is called urethritis. It occurs most often as a result of gonorrhea treatment and the diminished hardiness of the urethral lining. Infections, mechanical irritations and allergies can readily lead to urethritis.

Itchiness, a burning sensation and pain are the most common symptoms of this inflammation.

Keep in mind that if untreated, urethritis can become chronic. Chronic urethritis can also be the result of self-treatment practices and the long-term intake of antibiotics.


Varicocele is a condition characterized by the expansion of the network of veins that covers the testicles.

The veins are swollen, visible and often painful upon touch.

The treatment for varicocele is surgical. This condition must be taken care of in a timely manner. If left untreated, varicocele can lead to infertility.

Testicular Cancer

Both young and older men can suffer from testicular cancer. The condition usually affects just one of the testicles. The reasons for testicular cancer development remain unclear. Previous trauma and imbalance in the level of hormones can feature among the causes.

Testicle enlargement is the first sign of possible cancer. In the case of metastases, pain can appear.

The treatment involves both a surgery and the intake of medications. About five percent of all cases of testicular cancer involve benign formations.



Hidden testis or chryptorchidism is a condition that leads to the absence of one or both testes from the scrotum. Their development is slowed down and remain within the abdominal cavity.

Hormonal problems or the appearance of a mechanical obstacle can lead to the condition. The testis that fails descending will always remain smaller than the other one. Because it maintains higher temperature than the one in the scrotum, its sperm production function will be somehow impaired.

Some complications are possible in connection to cryptorchidism. The affected testis could stop producing sperm and could eventually suffer an inflammatory process. Further, the affected testis is prone to the development of malignant formations.

Timely medical intervention is needed before a boy reaches puberty. The sooner the problem is dealt with, the higher the chances of normal reproductive function.


Balanoposthithis is the inflammation of the uncircumcised head of the penis. It can often occur after a passionate sexual experience.

This inflammation can also occur as the result of parasitic activity or allergic reaction to soaps and underwear.

The symptoms include reddening, swelling and pain. Read more about these condition here:,, Science Daily


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