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Something to Smell about

Updated on May 11, 2011

All about “Smell”

The sense of smell directs your attention to the world all around you. Did you know that there are over ten thousand different odors that give you cues and form memories about the experiences in your life? These smells identify the places you have traveled, the lovers you’ve had, and also your health. Smells also help you perceive who is in business and social interactions. What is even more fascinating is that through smell you can decipher if someone is confident or afraid, and even whether or not they are available on a sexual or friendly basis.

Although you are aware of your own bodily smells, you may not have ever thought of what those smells are in terms of your body talking to you. Are you confused yet? Don’t be because it would be helpful to begin to notice your body odors, not from a social standpoint merely, but from recognition of your own bodily functions. For instance, smell yourself and see what kinds of odors you smell in the morning and night time when you go to bed. You’ll be able to smell the pollution that sticks to your hair and clothing. See if you notice that one of your underarms smells stronger on one side then the other. This means that your yin/yang is out of balance. If the right side is stronger, it is recommended that you take liver tinctures to strengthen the liver. The liver is a major organ of detoxification. There are formulas that can be made at home to cleanse the liver and there are also Health Stores which sell formulas. (I do not endorse any because I am not a doctor. They do work because I use one. You will be amazed at how it changes the way your body smells and how it changes your breath.

Speaking of breath, the odor of your breath is a key indicator of your overall vitality and health. Ancient Chinese doctors use to smell the skin around the bellybutton and the breath to determine the condition of their patients. If the digestive system is not working properly, the toxic effect will always back-up, and be present in the mouth. Mouthwash won’t cut the mustard for wiping out bad breath as you probably know. You must work on your diet and digestion.

As you age, check to see that your body does not smell stale. If there is energy flowing through the body and the internal tides are flowing, you will have a unique and vibrant smell to you. If you don’t like the smell of your body, do something about it from the inside.

The capacity to smell is the most important factor about this olfactory sense. One of the key determinants to smell is the emotional state, diet and hereditary factors of each individual. Take care of yourself, and do not take this gift that comes with human life for granted. Take your nose on a smelling tour and begin to seek out that which enriches you and brings joy to your life. How does the smell of cookies baking in the oven, or the smell of an ocean breeze make you feel? We all have memories of the past when we smell things, some good and some not so good. The countless repertoire of smells unique to each of us should remind us all of life and all of its special experiences.

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    • laringo profile image

      laringo 9 years ago from From Berkeley, California.

      Yes, smell is a very powerful sense that many just take for granted. Often times smell is the first sense noted in many new enviornments and sometimes sets the tone beforehand on what to expect. I'm being sort of abstract, but I think  you get my point. Thanks for the comments.

    • Amanda Severn profile image

      Amanda Severn 9 years ago from UK

      Hi Laringo

      This is an interesting hub. I work part time as a hypnotherapist and I usually include smell in my suggestions (as you picture yourself on this beautiful sandy beach, you can feel the sand between your toes, and the warmth of the sun on your face. You can hear the waves crashing and the cry of sea-gulls overhead, and you can smell the salty perfume of the ocean, and taste the spray on the air).

      Smell is incredibly evocative, and can instantly conjour up images. Memory is multi-sensory, but not many people realise this.

      I was intrigued by the idea of the doctor sniffing around the belly-button BTW. Hmmm, not sure I'd fancy it myself!