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Sometimes, You Just Have to Laugh, a Cov-19 Scenario.

Updated on March 1, 2020
Don Bobbitt profile image

I am a kidney transplant recipient and a diabetic of 20+ years. I live well by managing my foods and keeping up with the technology.

Viruses and wearing Masks

Wearing a Mask as a preventive measure
Wearing a Mask as a preventive measure | Source

Sure CoV-19 is Serious to me

OK, before you jump all over me about this article, I want you to realize a couple of things about myself and my personal health situation.

First, I am a Senior citizen in my seventies.

Second, I have a Kidney Transplant and because of this i have a suppressed immune system.

Because of these things, i have to go to some extremes to keep myself from contracting even a typical Cold from others.

Just shaking someone's hand can often take me down within a day or so. And, it is not uncommon for people to sneeze and cough right in my face, following it, of course with a heartfelt apology.

Of course, the apology does nothing to reduce how crappy I will most likely be feeling within a couple of days.

Staying Healthy is often not easy for Seniors

It's true that we, I and my fellow transplant recipients, do have a suppressed immune system which is the reason our bodies do not reject our transplants. And yes, we do catch almost every Cold or Flu Bug we come in contact with.

And, it is also true that many of my fellow Seniors have less efficient immune systems as they grow older.

But we persevere!

We Seniors usually try to have healthy diets, and we often fight the aging process with our own exercise regimen that may not be that of a young athlete; but if you ask, you will often find that we are doing what our often worn-out bodies allows us to do.

So, don't tell me not to buy a mask, if I want one.

No Hand Shaking

Oh, and I have to mention this. DO NOT STICK YOUR HAND OUT for me to Shake!

The only way I will shake someone's hand is if you catch me by surprise and I forget my condition.

I will do a "fist bump" with some people, but even then, if I have any sanitary wipes around, I will immediately use one on my hand, just in case, So, don't get mad at me of I refuse your hand, it's a survival technique that I try hard to stick to.

Save the world and Stay at Home

Yeah, I have to mention this for those of you who stagger into work with your Cold in full flame; you know with your, red eyes, runny nose, and a perpetual sneeze or cough.

You know you're sick, fool!

Why did you come to work (or even worse, send your sick kid to school) knowing you (or they) are a walking talking CARRIER of a disease that can make others ill, or in some instances even KILL someone?

I saw a T-Shirt once that had YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID! on it. Please don't prove this quote to be true about you, just stay home when you're sick!

Oh Well! Lecturing a Fool is a lot like lecturing a Rock; you often find that one is just as immovable as the other.

Now to the Punchline

OK, Enough about myself and my fellow Seniors and others with suppressed immune systems.

I started writing this because of something one of the Newscasters (I don't respect them enough anymore to call them Journalists) flashed onto the screen behind them and then he made his closing statement.

He was part of the standard male/female morning news people on this major news network who smile their way through what the teleprompter tells them to say.

They had just gone through their 3-4 minute run of news shorts before they took another break so the network could present their standard 3-5 minute series of 15 and 30 second brain-draining commercials.

So ..... This newscaster pseudo-quoted ( is this a real word?? I don't know, but it looks good to me) the statement from some health official somewhere, with this;

Health Officials say that people need to stop buying masks. They do not prevent catching the CoronaVirus, and besides these masks are needed by Health workers!

Did he really say that?

That was it.

To paraphrase; We, the people of America need to stop buying up all of the masks around the country, because they fo not prevent catching the C0V-19 virus; and besides, the people who work in our Health industry need them worse.

Sorry folks, that's what my feeble old brain heard the man say.

Well to be honest, I did drive around the local area yesterday and I checked at drugstores and other stores such as WalMart and others that might sell health supplies and I couldn't find any masks that I could purchase, anywhere.

I nt back home and I fired up my PC, went online and I immediately ordered my own masks, with a delivery promised in 3 days.

So, I'm sorry Health workers, if you still cannot find masks, I will have a couple I might be able to let go, if things don't get any worse.


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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