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Sometimes Eating Junk Food in Abundance Is Healthy

Updated on January 2, 2020

‘Stay true to your diet.’

That’s bullet no. 3 in my ‘Real Prepper checklist’ series.

And what a challenge that can be sometimes. Especially during the Holiday season. You see it everywhere. People going on an eating frenzy, stuffing themselves with loads of sugar, processed carbohydrates and way too much alcohol. Things their bodies really don’t need.

As with everything, I’m not saying you’re supposed to totally abstain from unhealthy foods.

That’s not the way to go. In fact I actually predict it will make you unhappy, miserable and just a wreck. You’ll dream about eating this and that while your face, filled with avarice, studies those around you who actually can and are able to to eat what they want.

Including me.

Actually, it’s time for a little confession.

This December I’ve snacked on more McDonald’s and Burger King joints than I’ve ever done in the past three years combined. And I’ve done so with a very good conscience.


Simply because I *on average* am very strict with my diet and if I eat an unhealthy meal or a snack once, that doesn’t mean that I’m supposed to eat like that for the rest of the day. That also reminded me of some past mistakes that I made. When I was about 18 years of age I had this stupid ‘rule’ that if I accidentally ate one snack a day or something unhealthy, then I could eat as much unhealthy food I wanted for the remainder of the day.

If that ain’t stupidity in a nutshell, I don’t know what it is.

As you probably can imagine, my girth length around the waist soared. I became fat. And out of shape. If I recall correctly, I also got some holes in my teeth around that time.

The point is, I was young and dumb and didn’t take care of my health.

Now in my mid-thirties, I’m a tad wiser. When I reach 60 years of age I’ll probably look back at what I do now and label myself young and stupid once more. Funny how that works.

Anyway, back do dieting.

It’s a mental obstacle you need to overcome. When I was a kid I had these one year sabbaticals where I had to abstain from candy and sugar. I could, however, eat chips and fatty foods, but no sugar. Of course it helped, but I’m telling you, those bags of chips kept piling up.

In retrospect, I regard that as a failed experiment. It really didn’t do anything good for my health.

And so it is with all of these ‘sabbaticals’. What you instead need to do is to focus on your *average* meal consumptions and eat more healthy than unhealthy foods. And also pay a little attention to the amount of calories you stuff inside you. Perhaps do a little intermittent fasting or at least experiment with it. It’ll do wonders for you (and your wallet).

The diet that I personally recommend is predominantly low-carb. Red meat, eggs and a little rice. That’s pretty much what I eat. A little cheese now and then. No vegetables. All the nutrients that you need are found in eggs.

Leave the plants to the animals, I say.

Obviously, your opinion and experience may vary.

Whatever you end up doing, know that eating healthy isn’t the only answer.

You actually need someone to rely on during tougher times as well. Irrespective whether you’re a supreme athlete or an obese couch potato.

Here’s in fact a little thought experiment. Let’s say that you’re obese, overweight and all you do is sitting inside every single day, eating cheerios, drinking cherry coke and consuming pizzas and burgers.

You’re even too lazy to leave the house, so you order take away food and your pizza delivery guy whom you know, like and think you trust actually walks into your living room, leaves the pizza on the table and helps himself with money from your wallet.

You’re of course totally unaware that he steals money from you as well. Because you’re too ignorant of your surroundings.

Anyway, one day you actually end up losing your job. You didn’t perform well enough because all you did was complaining about everything and nothing, as well as gassing the place out with your pizza and junk food foul stenching farts.

Naturally, your employer had enough of you.

So you’re all alone. You’re running out of money soon. You don’t really know the people in your apartment complex because you’ve isolated yourself from them for the past years, sitting inside eating pizza and watching Netflix.

The only person you actually ‘know’ in that regard is the pizza delivery guy. Who swindles you every time he steps into your apartment.

Come to think of it, didn’t your sister give you a brand new bluetooth speaker for your birthday that you haven’t even unpacked yet? But you haven’t seen it lately.

Where could it have gone? Who could possibly steal from you?

Let’s terminate the thought experiment right there. I’m just going to name this fella ‘Joe’ because I have a feeling he’ll pop up over and over again as sort of a reference.

In the meantime however, you of course do the opposite of what Joe did.

That's actually doing the opposite what the majority of people in our society today do.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Aasmund Ryningen


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