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Sometimes, Just Sometimes

Updated on September 13, 2016

Walk Away.

Sometimes you want to believe people have good hearts and good intentions because you have a good heart and good intentions so why wouldn't they? Sometimes they're just jerks who only serve purposes of their own. It's okay, let them. Walk away.

Sometimes you want to believe the things people tell you because they sound sincere and amazing. You're sincere and amazing so why wouldn't they be? Sometimes they're just liars. It's okay, let them be. Walk away.

Sometimes you want to feel important, special, and like you matter. You make others feel important, special and like they matter, so why wouldn't they reciprocate? Sometimes they don't care on the same level that you do, if at all. It's okay, let them have their own kinds of feelings. Walk away.

Sometimes people are miserable and get themselves stuck in bad family schemes, bad friendships, and bad relationships. They're too stubborn to see things for what they are so misery becomes their comfort zone. You may want to help them clear the fog, see what you see, and understand that there is a happier, easier way. Sometimes they're used to the fog, they don't want to see what you see, and they don't want to believe that there is a happier, easier way. It's okay. Walk away.

Sometimes ya want to believe others really care about you and your well being. You care about theirs so why wouldn't they? Sometimes they do care, but only when it benefits them in some kind of way because really, they're just selfish. That's okay because you don't need that kind of care. Walk away.

Sometimes you come across these kinds of people and you resent them and wish they were never part of your puzzle to begin with...Sometimes though, if you try understanding something for what it really is. It was a stepping stone in your journey.
Those pieces of the puzzle actually fit perfectly because they taught you lessons you never would have learned otherwise and they taught you what you don't want to become yourself, and exactly what you want to be...all at the same time.


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