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Song to be sung

Updated on June 15, 2015

The Family Man

Her noise against my leaning ear,

The last person I hear each night,

The first to greet me each morning.

We understand each other as either has a right to expect.

My love and I,

We met on a childhood glance.

A fire under the moon keeps our dreams alive.

We know love.

We live together.

A roof shelters us.

We have gathered loose moments curled in a mattress,

A shriek of children, small dog scurries and hurried whispers,

As such we rotate.

A powerful mind must be its own master.

We possess what we understand.

Time does not forget love.

Give time a warm caress,

Pet it like a living thing.

From this distance in time,

I carry out a self imposed mission doing something worth doing.

To float like a bug to some time past

And fill my pockets with stones

To slow the passage of time.

It's like growing up again,

All those places and names.

There are secret ways to play

Like children still at their games.

Being a child again

Walk like a god.

There is a song in my heart

With music, words and feelings.

The rhythms and rhymes are sitting there,

Locked in a shell waiting to burst

In my heart.


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