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Sore Gums Can Drive You Crazy

Updated on January 13, 2011

Take Care Of Your Teeth


Sore Gums can drive you crazy. Have you ever had a toothache that’s caused excruciating pain? Well I have that problem right now and believe me it’s not something anyone wants to go through.

You May Lose Teeth But At Least You'll Be Healthy


My sore gums come from two teeth’s that have broken off and somehow got infected because I didn’t have them pulled. I didn’t want to lose my teeth and they hadn’t caused me any pain for a very long time so thinking they were worth saving I just never scheduled a dentist appointment to have my teeth extracted.  That was my first mistake because even though I never felt the pain and continued my daily routine of brushing and flossing I have learned that damaged teeth no matter how few can cause serious health problems beyond your mouth to your stomach and your heart.

Dont Wait Too Late To Visit The Dentist


When I finally did get to the dentist that was when my gums started swelling and by then the only thing the dentist could do was to give a prescription for Penicillin VK 500 MG and Ibuprofen 600 MG. So for days now I have been taken both the Penicillin VK to kill infection and Ibuprofen for pain and when I take them the pain goes away for a while but seems to come back much sharper when the medication wears down. I want to have these two teeth extracted right away but the dentist cannot perform the services while the infection and swelling of my sore gums is still active. I can’t seem to focus on anything right now plus I have a four month old baby girl to look after. I am telling you that if you’re at a very young age thinking that you can eat what you want and your teeth will take care of themselves simply because you brush and floss it’s not true at all. Taking care of your teeth are the same as taking care of your hair because if your teeth fall out it really does nothing for your appearance and if your teeth cause you pain you’re really not going to want to be seen in public with a swollen jaw or even open your mouth to speak to anyone.

At Home Remedies For Sore Gums


There are also several remedies for at home treatment of sore gums such as gargling with salt water or rinsing mouthwash and even gargling with Peroxide which actually help the swelling of the sore gums go down faster but it still takes days to go back to normal.

Thinking of putting off the dentist just a little while longer well speaking from experience I definitely would not suggest it because sore gums can drive you crazy and really interrupt your daily life. It’s very hard for me to smile or even talk to my baby girl and she’s so playful and cute which makes me feel bad inside. But when I’m back to normal and have had these teeth extracted nobody is going to be able to shut me up. It even hurts to think right now and the medication makes me kind of drowsy, I hope this doesn’t take too long to clear up I’m getting really grouchy towards everyone at home.


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    • profile image

      Paul E 6 years ago

      Thank you for advise...friend has pain and will advise.