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Sore muscle solutions

Updated on October 17, 2009

How to cope with muscle pain after gym?

Workouts form the important part of any weight loss program.So muscle soreness or muscle pain is inevitable as most weight|fat loss seekers have led a sedentary life style that caused obesity and overweight in the first place.Generally those who seek weight loss are in the age group of 30-60 whose muscles have become weak due to non usage and are prime candidates for muscle pain.

During workouts,the body muscles are subjected to stress that increases the strength of the particular muscle where the stress is applied.Generally to build up muscle strength, the workout intensity must be gradually increased.Any sudden increase in intensity or duration of the exercises may cause sore muscles.

The first hurdle faced by any weight loss seeker is muscle soreness or muscle pain after the exercises as the muscles were idle earlier hence not conditioned for hard work.Initially the weight loss seeker is overenthusiastic and very sincere to achieve results fast.So he or she increases the intensity of the exercise more than his or her muscle fiber can cope with causing minute tears in muscle fiber.This results in muscle inflammation that leads to release of chemicals (that irritate) to cause localized (at the place of exertion) muscle soreness or pain which happens after 24 hours of muscle exertion.This is called ‘delayed onset muscle soreness’ (or DOMS) which is painful and lasts only for two to three days.This is the most vulnerable phase of the weight loss program when about 30% give up fearing repetition of painful sore muscles.

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