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Sore Muscles

Updated on March 24, 2013

What causes sore muscles? Why do muscles suddenly start hurting? Very often the pain lasts so long and seems to come from deep down within that people feel that it’s coming from the bones. However, the reason really lies in the muscles and there are many reasons for this so let’s take a look at what causes muscles to become sore and painful.

Sore Muscles
Sore Muscles

One reason for sore muscles is overuse and this could happen to people who do a lot of physical work, or, in today’s day and age, people who over-exercise. Sore muscles after workout are a common enough occurrence these days. For so many today, losing weight and getting to what they consider their optimum weight is so important, they will do anything to get there, even hurting themselves in the process. Very often, even if the muscles are sore, they will keep pushing their bodies thinking that pain is a good thing and that it is indicative of losing weight.

The other reason is age and aging muscles because with the passing years, the muscles as well as all the ligaments, tendons and connective tissue around them slowly lose their elasticity and become less flexible. This is why as people get older, they tend to suffer from aches all over, especially the joints which need to stretch and be flexible.

Sore muscles can also result from not moving any part pf the body. That part loses its flexibility and when that happens, any little movement can trigger off pain because the muscle get sore when they are suddenly moved after a period of immobility.

So how can one ensure that they do not suffer from sore muscles symptoms? Exercise plays a very important role – exercise in moderation, of course. This is of great importance as one grows older and the muscles become more and more stiff. Then, the muscles must be moved around to keep them healthy.

What is also important is nutrition. Very often muscle stiffness and cramps or spasms can occur when there are deficiencies in the body. To counteract and prevent this, a good dose of multivitamins a day and wholesome nutritious food is essential. Good diet and exercise can stave off muscle soreness for a long time. Sore muscles are not fun – no one needs to have them.

Of course, if the pain does not go away, make sure you seek medical advice and take the drugs that have been prescribed according to the time specified.


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