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Sorrow and loss

Updated on December 8, 2015


Death and Grieving

A pebble thrown into a pond causes a ripple effect that creates concentric circles moving outward one upon another. One person can affect the lives of many with a simple smile or an encouraging word. It truly is special how one life can affect so many and it is also a testament to the human spirit and the will to live and share a part of yourself. We all have the need to feel wanted and to do our very best in all that we do.

We know that life has many joys and also disappointments that humble us and make us strong. We all will face the day when we will leave this place that we are so accustomed to. We do not know when that will be but it does cross our mind from time to time. Life is so very unpredictable and all we can do is live each day as if it is our last so we will enjoy the experiences fully and without regret.

We must never get so caught up in our lives that we lose sight of what is most important which is our family and the relationships we forge with others. We must also live with passion and joy in our life. We must live and not merely exist. We are given a beautiful gift and the more we share a part of ourselves with others the more we will find the beauty and joy in life.

We all have a time where we wish to be alone and just reflect on our life and all that is important to us. We all try to understand and come to terms with where we are in our life and who we are as a person and we try to develop images in our mind of all those who are so important to us. It is our reality check and it is essential for us to every now and then go to that place and feel at peace with who we are. We must also come to terms with our lives and to have a strong faith and belief in God who we should know hears our faintest voice and helps us in all that we ask of him.

I have come to know that we are touched by others both in life and in death. For in life we can have conversation and share moments together. We are deeply moved and touched by those we are very close to such as our parents who we have lossed. In friendship too we are touched and feel a sense of loss when we have to say goodbye. Death has a way of teaching us about our own mortality and we come to realize that our lives are finite and will eventually come to an end as dictated by the laws that govern nature. When we come face to face with someone we know who has recently passed it brings us one step closer to our own mortality and makes us think and helps us to regain a new perspective about life and dying.

My biggest hope and wish in life is that I will have the opportunity to share a long and happy life with my wife and we will both live to see our son grow into young adulthood, go on to college and find happiness, success, good fortune, friendship and love in his life. For living to see my son grow up and find happiness in his life will allow me to live and eventually die in peace knowing that he will be fine.

Whenever I have to say a final farewell for a loved one or a friend I become misty eyed and can't help but to shed a tear. It is a time of great sorrow having to say goodbye and it takes a long time to come to terms with the loss. Every-time I experience this I can't help but to become a little more inward and a bit more reflective. I then start to take an inventory of my life and think about some really deep things and I realize that I must always be prepared for the unexpected and that I must always have a plan to insure my wife and son will be protected in the event I leave this place.

We do not live forever and we are indeed priviledged for each day we share with our loved ones and our friends. Life is a gift and we unwrap it everyday we awake and share a part of ourselves with our family and our friends and those we work with. A wrapped gift, untouched is a symbolic end to a precious life.

Today was a sad day as I had to say farewell to a work friend who I have come to know. She was a sweet person and it was a pleasure knowing her and working with her. She died so very young and leaves behind a husband, a sister and her mom and dad. I felt for all of them and I prayed for her and her family. She was such a kind and caring person and she will be missed. Goodbye Joanne, it was a pleasure knowing you. You are now at peace and are singing with the angels. You are heaven bound and your spirit will soar. God Bless.

Life has a way of teaching us to live and appreciate all that we have and death grounds us and makes us realize the vulnerabilities we have. We must realize how important each day is in our life.

Dedicated to all the special people I've lost in my life; my mom and dad, my grandparents, my aunts and uncles, my other family relatives, my friends and my work friend, Joanne.

Love and miss you mom and dad!

Edward D. Iannielli III

The Spirit in the sky - Norman Greenbaum

Beaches - Wind Beneath My Wings

Paying our respects at baby section

You raise me up - Celtic woman


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    • ediann profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thank you for those encouraging and heartfelt words. Yes I will cherish the memories of my friend and will remember her smile. Best wishes!

    • Curiad profile image

      Mark G Weller 

      7 years ago from Lake Charles, LA.

      Touching and very well said. I believe that your friend will be with you forever though, in your heart and always touching your spirit.

      My Prayers for you both.


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