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Proven, Investigated by Peabody Award Reporter - Cancer Cure

Updated on May 31, 2011

Proven? Yes

When someone with a Peabody Award and almost lost her limbs at Afghanistan reports that Soursop or Guyabano has cured Cancer for some people, I believe it, though usually I am a skeptic. When someone with a Peabody Award like Jessica Soho reports on it, the more reason do I give the report credence because i personally know this GMA/GMA International reporter. And no one is selling anything which makes a legitimate news report.

GMA reported that Soursop or Guyabano (also known as the Gaviola fruit) has treated Cancer. About a year ago, I wrote a hub about enzymes and how my friend, Jackie Javellana, believed and took fruit (and everything as natural as possible) to get rid of her stage 4 Cancer. She is alive and kicking today. Please see that hub too.

Anyway, Soursop is available in most tropical countries. They are usually green and rather huge with very rough exterior. When you open the fruit though, it is somewhat like cotton with seeds and it does taste sweet. In fact some people who are into juicing come up with Guyabano or Sousop smoothies. Studies are on going about this fruit after several people, one of them a doctor, claimed that their Cancer was gone after trying the Guyabano "treatment".

The study of the Guyabano tree started in 1976 by the Bureau of Plants and Industry and the Department of Health when some people initially claimed that it cured Tuberculosis then. A year after, The National Cancer Institute decided to study the fruit and reported that the leaves and bark boiled in water destroyed malignant Cancer cells. This study was shared with the Catholic University of South Korea that concluded that YES, it does kill malignant cells, particularly prostrate and colon Cancer. The same study added that the fruit had 10,000 the potency of Adriamycin, a chemotherapy drug.

The report was extremely positive. It also cited that though chemotherapy destroys ALL the human cells, Guyabano attacks only the malignant cells thus not harming the whole body's cellular structure. There also were no unpleasant side effects reported. Later, Purdue University decided to pursue the study and cited that leaves from the Guyabano tree indeed were effective in treating six human cell lines and was most effective in pancreatic, colon and lung Cancers. Here is part of the Purdue University Study.

Who were healed by this? Name names.. sure, there is Ernesto Lojo who was suffering from stage 4 prostate Cancer. His doctor gave up on him so he went to the "folk doctor" (village holistic medicine man) who recommended that he eat the fruit and boil the leaves and make it into a tea. He did as the "medicine man" told him and after two months he claimed he felt better. He had lab tests done and there was no more malignant Cancer cells in his body. The news about him spread like a virus and Rosita Resinto decided to try it for her goiter and she was cured.

GMA reporter Jssica Soho heard the story and decided to do an investigative report on it. He contacted Ernesto's doctor at the PGH (Philippine General Hospital) Dr Jose Lorenzo La Pena , an otolyrinxologist, who showed the before and after Cat Scans. De La Pena was very careful however to say that though this "miracle" happened to Ernesto, he cannot explain why and neither does he think that Guyabano is an all cure for everything. Furthur investigation was when a doctor, Dr. Jose Hernandez, discovered he had prostate Cancer in 2009 and had an operation which only left him too weak to have chemotherapy. Then he also decided on the Guyabano treatment saying " I was so desperate, if they told me to drink my urine then, I would have dome it because I wanted to live.. then I tried the Guyabano". He took the Guyabano fruit like a smoothie 3x a day and was healed. He said "I fully recovered from a terminal stage of Cancer but even when I tell my colleagues that they refuse to believe me.. " Other doctors told him that could have worked for him but they added that "these are the times when what we need is called evidence-based medicine and in the case of the Guyabano or Daviola there seems to be NO strong scientific explanation why it works and these are only purely coincidental..." Many more followed rather than to spend for Chemotherapy and most did get well on the Guyabano treatment.

Facebookers recently are protesting the reaction of the medical community to the Guyabano "cure" asking big pharmacy businesses to so a serious research and NOT keep this secret from the public. They claim that the Pharmaceutical industry will never find a cure for Cancer .. why? Because they would lose billions of dollars.

No Subtitles but I have explained this on article

English by Some American


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    • debugs profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Odessey777, Umbris

      @Under The Lamp, if this were some medicine, it would be front page news tomorrow. Unfortunately, one can't patent a plant :)

    • Under The Lamp profile image

      Under The Lamp 

      7 years ago

      Try this tasty fruit as a sorbet. A good hub for a delightful fruit.

      Thank you Debugs.


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