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Speed Your Health with Coffee and Caffeine

Updated on December 30, 2009

 In America, 54% of us drink coffee daily equal to 400 million cups and coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world. The first is oil. Like its other healthy cousins ( broccoli and whole wheat) coffee is healthy for you assuming you do not have preexisiting conditions. Coffee will not improve your preexisiting conditions at all, so don't think it will.


Recent medical studies results show something amazing: drinking 1 to 6 cups a day will help you fight some medical problems and may prevent them. Caffeine has been linked to raised blood pressure, pregnant women that drink coffee suffer from  a higher rate of miscarriages and low birth weight babies, and bone loss. But that seems to be the most serious BAD effects.

Using a standard of 8 ounces of coffee with 100 mg of caffeine,  five major medical studies have concluded the following:

  • Six cups daily lowers the risk of advance prostrate cancer. The study was conducted for 20 yrs on 50,000 men.
  • Five cups daily lowers the risk of Alzheimers by 65% in 1400 people. The same dosage reversed signs in lab mice.
  • Four cups cut risk of strokes by 43% in women who never smoked in a study of 83,000 nurses. It also cut risk of Type 2 diabetes by 25% in 18 other studies.
  • Three cups cut risk of gallstones in 20% of 127,000 people.
  • Two cups lowered the risk of those thinking of committing suicide by 60% in a 10 yr. study of 86,000 women.
  • One cup lowered the risk of Type 2 diabetes by 7% in 500,000 people.

Note that a cup of coffee may have anywhere between 75-300 mg of caffeine and loading it up with cream, syrup, etc., was not part of the study. Cup sizes also range from 6-32 oz. The healthy impact of coffee is unclear if it is because of the caffeine or not. In any case, enjoy!


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