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Jessica Simpson - SpeedFit DVD

Updated on February 12, 2011

An Incredible Story of Injustice, Vengeance, and Wasted Years

It is about time to tell my side of the story about the most controversial exercise video ever produced: "SpeedFit - The Ultimate Fitness Test - hosted by Jessica Simpson".

Let's see, where do I start? There's a very long version, which I will save for later - but I'll give you a short overview as a "taste" of how I was taken advantage of by "powerful manipulators"; and how millions around the world could have benefited by what that video had to offer.

6 years ago I was approached to do an exercise video with Jessica Simpson. Until then I had a very successful fitness business in the Hampton's, New York. All seemed to go well for a while, until eventually Jessica, (and particularly her father Joe) decided they didn't want to continue working on the project. They just wanted out, and apparently to "cash in" on an easy opportunity.

After 6 months of negotiations on certain aspects of the contract, I was forced to give in to their "strong arm" unethical business tactics of lies and deceit. Thanks to an uncaring Joe Simpson, Jessica's ex-husband Nick was also excluded from the video. That bothered me, as I really wanted Nick to participate, however I guess Joe had other "plans". In essence Joe screwed his own son-in-law out of the deal, apparently to get all the money for Jessica and himself.

However that was not enough...he wanted more than just all of the money. The whole idea in his mind was to steal 20 years of my hard work and developments on how to lose weight fast and keep it off for the rest of your life, and make his daughter "the new Jane Fonda".

Under the contract agreement, they were trying to enforce their "Final Approval" clause to put her trainer in the video - replacing me...Alex Astilean. I guess they figured the way they got Nick out of the video, they could also do the same to me. Talk about "cold hearted". They took advantage my good graces and honest efforts to make a great project happen, and turned it around to their benefit - essentially pushing me out.

Here I was trying to do something good, and I ended up getting taken for a ride, and stabbed in the back.

At that time I told them that her trainer was ruining Jessica's body with his routine, and for that simple reason, I would not allow him in the video - that is, unless he would show his routine, NOT mine, so people could see it and understand the difference. Judging by how Jessica looks today, it appears I was right about my initial assessment.

Of course they said NO, and that alone ruined SpeedFit financially; but it also ruined Jessica Simpson's body, because she never had a chance to try the SpeedFit System. "I never trained Jessica SImpson". I never had a chance to test her Fitness Level, although we shot the video together she never got test it. She got paid $1 Million dollars - plus 12.5% royalty to be a spokesperson for SpeedFit but she never tried the SpeedFit System. For me, that is hysterically, funny but also SAD.

Consequently, she got fat...VERY fat. This has nothing to do with the SpeedFit System. The big hypocrisy here is that she never even tried the system she was paid to endorse. SpeedFit is NOT part of a fad. It does require a small bit of effort, and involves some hard work. In essence, it's an intense workout, in a very "short" amount of time.

However, that was definitely not a solution for lazy Jessica Simpson, who sometimes doesn't even brush her teeth. How could she even think about running? Forget it!

So in the end, this is basically a short version of how some one's life was changed forever in an instant, by destroying his achievements, goals, hopes, dreams and discoveries. How? By finding a way to quit a video project for no reason, walking away "scot-free", and taking all the money...a LOT of money - leaving ME penniless...and leaving millions of folks FAT.

The benefits of such a system could help millions all over the world - particularly Americans who are the most overweight on the planet. Without proper form of exercise, and most of all, REAL hope for a system that actually works, we will continue to see the sad reality that not only is it costing billions of wasted dollars in health care expenses and so called "methods" that don't work; but that dying needlessly and prematurely is an obvious fact of life.

This is the first time in our history - in our lifetime, that our next generation's children will not outlive their parents; and that our population's life expectency will start to decline. Most Americans are not aware of this fact. Apparently many don't care. The one's that complain about their weight don't seem to want to do anything about it. Others that want a "quick fix" are discovering that their dollars are being wasted on methods that just don't work.

Finally, the one's who count calories are really in the dark - as they have been "fed" a diet of phony promises, brainwashing, and Madison Avenue mumbo jumbo by slick marketing campaigns - that purport to "slim down by lowering your calories". Nothing could be further from the truth!

The SpeedFit Video could have saved millions of lives all over the world - a dream I envisioned when I discovered and developed this method many years ago as a world class trained Olympic athlete. That hope for a healthier and better life - by keeping weight down using a simple method and routine, dissolved in an instant due to greedy selfish people.

The name "SpeedFit" is NOT accidental. It's a system of weight loss based on speed, and an incredibly easy method of maintaining weight loss forever. It's accomplished by sustaining a high "fitness level" and using "The Astilean Matrix - Fitness Score Index" to test yourself periodically.

The whole concept was spelled out in that video. Now, I'm forever banned from ever showing or sharing it with the public.

Jessica was NOT drunk in that video, as some "publications" claimed. In fact, on the contrary - she looked the best she's ever been. They had NO reason to STOP that video; but they find a way to do it on a technicality. They put me on notice to finish the video in 30 days, and I finished in 60. Even the Judge asked them why I hadn't gotten the 30 day extension. They couldn't answer that question!

So what was the big discovery that I, Alex Astilean made over the years? The big discovery was, that I realized that people have NO idea how fit they are - there aren't any numbers to represent that. That is not until the SpeedFit - "Fitness Score Index" idea came out. As I always ask: "What's your "Fitness Level?" 100% of the people who responded answered: "What do you mean by that?"

"How do you know which way to go, if you don't know where you are - and where to start from?"

That was just the beginning. The second biggest discovery of all was, that calorie counting is a mechanical formula, and can't work on humans...and I can prove it. Of course that will invalidate everything you have learned and known about fitness and weight loss.

To be continued....

Alex Astilean


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