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Spice Up Your Workout: Clothes To Get Your Groove On

Updated on March 23, 2012

A simple way to give your workouts that extra “oomph” they need is to look good while you are working out.  Now, I don’t mean go to the trouble of doing your hair nice, wearing makeup and looking like your ready for a night on the town.  Simply, that the clothes that you wear help you to feel better and more confident.  There are some really cute, very comfortable, workout clothes out there for you to purchase!  When striving to look nice when working out, it is important to keep comfort in the front of your mind.  You don’t want to wear anything that will impair your workout by making it hard for you to move. 


When we look good, we feel better about ourselves.  This simple formula will give you an extra oomph in your workout.  You don’t need enough new workout clothes for a new outfit each day, but one pair of pants, a pair of capris or shorts and then two tops should do you just fine.  Find a color you like, a fit you like and that are flattering as well.  Spend the time to shop around, find deals, look for something that is really going to make you feel good from the inside out! 


Ladies, a good sports bra is key, too!  For those of you, like myself, that are a little bit on the top-heavy side, stay away from those pull over spandex-based sports bras.  No one likes a uni-boob.  Again, you need to invest time and effort in finding a sports bra that not only fits, but that is comfortable, and will do the job of holding you in place as well.  I recommend purchasing a sports bra with an underwire and a double-knit construction for that added level of support and control.  The multi-layer sports bra is a great investment too, because most of them use moisture-control fabric.  Some great brands to look for are Moving Comfort and Speedo!  I have one from each brand, and I love them both!  They are super supportive and very comfortable to wear, and they keep me out of uni-boob territory! 


So, spice up your workout, grab some new garb, and hit the gym looking like a whole new you! 


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