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Spotting Drug Addicts and What About Your Teens

Updated on December 5, 2009

Addiction is Rough

All AboutDrug Catching and the Results.


1.    Step 1

How to spot Drug users: THIRD STEP TALKS ABOUT TEENS
There are several different types of drug users and I will give you the best information for spotting them.
For narcotics: dilated eyes is a very good sign especially if their nose is itchy. If they keep scratch their nose, continuously, there may be a problem. A lot of parents think their child is on all types of drugs because their child has dilated pupils. Narcotics is the chief type of drug. Go into the light and see how much the pupils shrink. Light shrinks pupils. The drug of choice for norcotics is oxycotin and percoete. Oxycontin is particularly abused because a drug user can break the 24 hour tablet in half, take the powder, and have the dosage of the entire drug hit them instantly. For the life of me, I do not know why they have not fixed it.

Barbituats are another source of dilated eyes but you will not see many people on barbitutes.Very few. It is a drug of the past. Speed can also make pupils large. This includes things such as aderal, ritilin, concerta, cocain. Keep in mind that light dilates and can shrink pupil size naturally. Be careful that this is not the case. Another key sign that a person is on speed is the loss of weight. Severe loss of weight.

.     Benzodiazepines can create pupil dilation as well, however, there are different symptoms that are more obvious. These are drugs such as aprazolam, diazepam, Lorazapam. Typically they cannot walk right and their speech is often slurred. They salvate more
To spot this drug you often have to be aware of a combination of factors.

2.    Step 2

When you see somebody scratching themselves or have scabs all over their body, that is the chief sign of a chronic abuser of Crystal Meth. People often get help to stay off this drug but the relapse rate is in the 90 percentile. Anger and paranoid can also be signs as well as itchy nose. This goes hand in hand with other drugs such as opiates. It creates an itchy nose.

3.    Step 3

Is your teen using drugs? Smell them when they come home. An odd odor would obviously tell you that there may be drug use. Also, if you smell sharp cleanness, be careful. A lot of teens brush their teeth or put on something to mask the smell. However, this only takes care of the teens who want to hide alcohol, smoking, or marijuana. If they are sleepy or cannot walk right… another sign. Speaking too quickly is another dead giveaway. My advice is to come down hard on cigarette smoking. Many people say that the gateway drug is marijuana. However, go to any drug rehab and they all started with smoking cigarettes. From the very start of a teen using a car, keep a tight leash. Positive reinforcement is good and can be very affective. Positive reinforcement is a term meaning that when a person does something incredible, they are rewarded. I would be more worried at smoking than liquor. Smoking will come before the liquor or liquor abuse.

            If your child has been involved with drugs in the past or you are extremely worried, buy a drug test. It will not detect smoking but it is pretty good at catching marijuana. They are not great at detecting twenty four hour drugs but if you use it immediately you may catch it.

4.Hangovers- The hangovers, for most, are extremely debilitating. Keep a watch for that in the person you have concerns about. I one time witnessed a kid so sick from a hangover that he was hospitalized. I have also personally come across drug induced schizophrenia where the severity was to the point of a life spent locked up. One paricular kd went from a middle class car driving, smart ass to his parents, had friends, (A normal teenager) to someone who barely functions. I am leaving out a lot of details that I have come across. Point: It would serve you wise to make sure drugs stay out of your life.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      i stay messed up. im 25 now been doing it for at leas 10 years. you're full of S***! so is my Mother. and inarguable fact is 99% people out there cant get half the work done sober vs me intoxicated. being high feels great.

      realizing that i can do what you swear by impossible feels even better.


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