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Spotting During Pregnancy And What To Do

Updated on December 18, 2013

Pregnancy spotting can happen during the pregnancy period and whenever it happens, you must contact your doctor at once. This is not to say that spotting during pregnancy is dangerous – just that it could indicate a serious condition at times. This is why medical help is necessary – just in case. So don't put off that visit to the doctor's clinic - you need to make sure that nothing is amiss.

Spotting during pregnancy should be taken seriously
Spotting during pregnancy should be taken seriously

What could be the causes of spotting during pregnancy? Pregnancy spotting brown in colour could occur during pregnancy around the time that your menstrual periods would have come. This passes and very often, there is just a hint of brown colour, nothing more. If you have pregnancy spotting and cramping however, it’s time to make that call to the doctor.

Let’s take a look at what pregnancy spotting could be due to. You must realize that spotting during pregnancy is very different from bleeding which could be because of a miscarriage. In many cases, spotting could be just a small stain after a medical examination or a Pap smear, or maybe even after sexual intercourse.

Some other reasons for spotting during pregnancy could be an infection like an STD which could cause irritation in the vagina and cause spotting. Or it could be due to an ectopic pregnancy which could manifest itself as spotting. Sometimes, when the fertilised egg gets implanted in the womb, there is a little blood that shows up as spotting.

Later, there could be placental or premature labour problems and in this case, a doctor will need to be called if the spotting is more than just a faint stain because it could be the beginnings of a miscarriage.


Pregnancy spotting first trimester or pregnancy spotting second trimester or even the third can be just nothing or it could signify something serious. This is why it does not make sense to take it lightly but to inform the doctor at once. Of course, towards the end of pregnancy, the onset of labour could mean spotting and the doctor will tell you if it’s normal. The thing to be careful about is to get medical advice even if the spotting is very faint as it really is better to be safe than sorry when you are pregnant. In most cases, chances are that the doctor will assure you that it is nothing. However, let him be the one to decide that – you shouldn’t take it upon yourself to do that when it comes to spotting during pregnancy.


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