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Spring Forward: The Most Dreaded Day of the Year

Updated on March 12, 2016

March Madness

Ah springtime, the skies are blue, the grounds are green and the birds, the bees and the blooms all start to come out of nowhere. (For some of us at least, I know some people are still deep in their extended winter blues--don't blame us, blame the groundhog).

Anyway going back to spring, yes let us not forget the allergies and the Final Four.

But more importantly let us not overlook that the most deceptively dangerous time of the year is upon us in the month of March (the second Sunday to be precise). On this day, we either lose sleep about waking up late or innocently we wake up mulling over who in the world stole one hour as we sleep.

And if we don't know it yet, that is not the worst of it. We have also lost productivity, enthusiasm and even enough time to have breakfast or even brush our teeth. And if you still don't know what I'm talking about then you really need more help than I can give you. Read about Daylight Saving Time (DST) here.

Now a ton of research has shown many other side effects of our presumptuousness to change things that we ought not to tamper with. And changing the time or our body clocks are one of those things.

DST Explained

Spring Forward Schedule

  • 2015 - March 8
  • 2016 - March 13
  • 2017 - March 12
  • 2018 - March 11

Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Time?

As if we can save time or sun light for that matter?

And what more can we say about the confusion if not the inconveniences that offshoots from DST.

1. Tardiness or absence from work, school or appointments on the Monday right after.

2. Elevated number of traffic accidents or even near accidents

3. Increase in workplace mishaps, lapses in judgment or just general Monday Blues.

4. Upsurge in suicides or at least anxiety, stress, sadness or slacking.

5. And higher incidences of heart attacks in the first week preceding Spring Forward.

Source: LA Times

In recent years, more and more people have asked,is DST still worth it? And how in the world have we allowed certain states or people to not observe it? This only leads to more confusion.

And does it matter than many countries which had DST at one time had done away with it or that the rest do not even have an idea that it was ever practiced or that we still do? Frequent travellers, people who call or conduct businesses worldwide, or people who work the graveyard shift, I pity you. As if you do not have enough problems already.

Personally I despise Spring Forward. But of course I love Fall Back, but that's over eight months away. So for those people who still have to practice DST, sleep early and adjust your clocks if you need to. Also it is the perfect time to change the batteries of your smoke and other detectors. Yes even if you think the batteries are still good. Stay safe.

Time to Move On? The Case Against Daylight Saving Time


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