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Spring Is A Time For Fresh Starts

Updated on March 11, 2013

Everything Is New In Spring

If you're thinking about getting started on something new, Spring is a great time to do just that. If you look around here in the Midwest area of the United States you see changes at this time of the year. Empty branches become engulfed with fresh new buds that burst before you know it. The flowers that have been underground spring up with delight shining with color and brightness. Tulip dotted landscapes fill the neighborhoods. Red. Yellow. Purple. Pink. White. They're beautiful. Golden Day Lilies with their full greenery pop up without notice too. When you see them you know it's Spring. Seeing that first Robin helps too. The evergreens look even more statuesque as a backdrop to the new life emerging all around. It's a time of great splendor and majesty here in Michigan. It's a time when the snow and ice give way to the warm breezes and outdoor fun.

When we get inspired by nature we change our clothes, our hair, our schedules, our lives to a great extent. It's all to accommodate the great weather ahead for about seven to eight months if we're lucky. We move to our Summer houses and schedule vacations around Easter, Memorial Day, The Fourth of July, and Labor Day in September.

With all of this going on around you it's easy to think about different things you can do with your time. It's a great time to take up with something you've always done, or to learn something new. I decided I'm going to learn French. I'm going to start right now by looking on the computer for an American to French dictionary. Then I'm going to get a CD and practice everyday. This is something I've always wanted to do but, I took Spanish and German in school. So I'm going to educate myself. It's always good to keep learning no matter what it is you choose to study.

Studying French will give me an opportunity to have a sexy way to talk to my husband, and it will also give me the skill to do French accent voice-overs. And, I'll be able to teach my granddaughter another language right when it's easiest to teach a person a second one. So I must say I'm excited about this and it's all due to the coming of Spring. It gives me a fresh, new, and thrilling feeling.

If you think about it you may come up with something new to do. Just think about it for a few minutes, or maybe a little longer. You'll end up with something on your list.


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