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Is All Drinking Water The Same? Read How Bottled Spring Water Is Best

Updated on June 3, 2013

Bottled Water

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Water is the most precious and necessary element on earth. Without it, nothing could survive.

It pains me to think that there is so much water on this earth, but since most of it is Non-Potable (undrinkable), there are still people dying from a lack of access to this basic element.

Disease, Drought, and Pollution are responsible for many deaths that occur all around the world, no matter where you live.

So the main questions are:

Is All Water The Same?

Water is just Water, right?

Well, the fact is that most of the water that Americans drink is modified in one way or another.

Let's explore the most important element of life for survival, which is often taken for granted by us, who live in the modern world.

100% Natural Spring Water

True Spring Water Explains Itself;

To be "Natural Spring Water" ... It must originate from a Natural Spring out of the ground.

Read the Labels on many of the Popular Brands of bottled water. Often times you will notice that they don't say "Spring Water" but rather read "Purified", "Filtered", or other misnomers.

By Law, for a bottle to read "Natural Spring Water", it must be from a Spring in the Ground and be subject to many regulations including licensing, frequent site inspections, and consistent lab testing to maintain consistency in the quality of the water.

Well Water is NOT Natural Spring Water!!!

Personalized Custom Water Bottles

What's The Difference?

What do you mean, there's different "Kinds" of water?

Isn't all water the same?

The answer is NO; not all water is the same.

There are several different ways in which water is purified. The most common is through filtering and adding chemicals such as chlorine to kill any bacteria or other impurities in the water.

Most people who have drank "Tap" water have experienced a mild to medium chlorine taste. Click on this: The Truth About Bottled Water to dive into the depths of how water is purified in many ways.

You may be surprised about the Truths and Myths about Bottled Water!

True Spring Water Is The Only Way To Go!

Do your research:

The fact is :

There are many ways to "Filter & Purify" Water .


If you are willing to spend money on Safe Water, the you should definitely look into Natural Spring Water.

It's Cost Efficient, Pure, and the Delivery Drivers Are Courteous.

Check Out Natural Spring Water.

It's Healthy, Convenient, and Affordable.

Good. Natural. Water...Delivered.



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