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How Seasonal Changes affect Your Well Being

Updated on March 29, 2013

Seasonal Changes and Your Health

Spring is the time of year that life starts to show and birth appears. Our bodies start to warm up and we notice that we want to eat lighter, fresh, raw foods. Did you know that this is also the time of year when you are most inclined to get sick either with a cold or flu? Ayurveda teaches that there are certain times of the year when the body becomes unstable and more sensitive. There are, in fact, two times of the year when this occurs and that is Spring and Autumn. Ayurveda teaches that it is because of the lack of stability of the elements that our bodies are more susceptible due to the change in temperature and the accumulation of heavy substances over Winter. I know from being aware of my own body the early signs of getting sick and how to prevent a full blown cold or flu from happening. Here are my tips for avoiding the cold/flu.

First of all, learn your bodies early signs. My early warning signs include a little more mucous in the nose and a different taste in the mouth. I also feel my energy drop which means I'm more tired than usual. When I feel these three signs I start paying attention to my mind and what I am eating. Foods to avoid when you have these early signs include:

  • Caffeine- drinking tea, coffee or soft drinks will surely bring on the cold/flu. Try to replace with warm water. Cold water does not do the same. Make sure the water is warm and you will aid the body in flushing out and built up congestion.
  • Pastry, bread or sweet baked goods. Mostly this includes those sweet pastries you buy in the store/shop. When your immune system is being challenged these sticky, pasty substances are that much harder to digest and add to the congestion.
  • Sugar. Anything with sugar in it will bring on the cold especially if it is the white common sugar. Natural sweeteners don’t have the same effect as common sugar.
  • Alcohol will decrease immune system and aid the body in getting sick.
  • Ice cream or cold dairy. These food items take more energy to digest because your body must first warm them up in order to fully digest them. That precious energy wasted on warming up and digesting the sweet dairy will only suppress the immune system.

Also, but just as important is my state of mind. When it comes to my mind I want to adjust how I'm thinking and/or feeling to aid the bodies immune system, but there are also situations to make sure you avoid. These include:

  • Avoid anger when immune system is challenged. Anger will deplete the body further.
  • Worry. Worrying doesn't help anyone or anything and only depresses the immune system exposing you to sickness. Stop worrying and know that everything is actually ok.
  • Give yourself a break. Many people get sick because it gives them an excuse to relax and take a break. If this is you then try to listen to your body and take breaks where you aren’t doing anything. Enjoy reading a book or playing with the children. Do those things you put off cause it’s those things that will keep you healthy.

If you are in tuned with your body you will notice these subtle changes in your physical being. These changes occur before you actually get sick and if you listen you can avoid it all together. We are all essentially programmed the same and tuning in and knowing your body is the key to keeping yourself healthy. Just because you are exposed to other people who are sick or just because you are feeling a little under the weather doesn't mean you need to get sick. So watch yourself, pay attention and you will get through the change of season with no sickness.


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