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Spring cleaning - Make room for the green shoots of new beginnings.

Updated on May 3, 2012

Spring is the time to have a good clear out. We go through cupboards, toss or recycle the clutter we've accumulated and create space for something new, or space just for us. It's wonderful. If you're anything like me, you only have to see a bag of "clutter" on it's way out the door and your heart lifts.

They say a new season deserves a new approach, and if spring cleaning our home makes us feel lighter, why should it be any different for our minds? Truth is, it's not. Our minds are full of old thought patterns stuck on repeat. These thoughts may have hung around for weeks, months or even years and they create patterns of behaviour in us.

We create our lives from our thoughts. We attract what we want and what we don't want - as long as we're thinking about it. Sometimes we attract so much "clutter" we get lost in the details and we never find our focus. The piece of the puzzle that makes out heart sing and reminds us who we are. The thing we want to do, the person we want to be, the goal we want to achieve.

So pull on your rubber gloves and let's use it as a metaphor for spring cleaning your soul. As you go through your cupboards and find things you thought you'd thrown out months ago, go through the corners of your mind and see what's hiding there. What negative thoughts are festering? What unwanted emotions are stuck on repeat? What frustrations are waiting to jump out at you?

Grab a pen and write them down. Assess how they're impacting your life. Are they making you do certain things or act in a certain way? Are they creating a belief structure that has no relevance in your life today and certainly no relevance in the life of the person you want to be? In particular look out for the thoughts you think are secrets, known only to you. These are potent, and actually, not so secret. They quickly form habits and habits create circumstances...and they're probably not circumstances you like. Secretly hate your boss and never seem to get ahead at work? Go figure.

Write down the secret thoughts too - even if you write them in code :)

Then, next to each thought, emotion or belief you identify, write the positive version of it. I like to call this, the truth.

For example, if you find a thought that's stuck back there whispering "I want to be healthy/slimmer/fitter it just never works for me." Spring clean it and write "If I want to be healthy/slimmer/fitter, I'll eat healthy foods, exercise and love and support myself through the process. This is the truth. This is your choice.

Focus on the positive possibilites you come up with. Don't continually fight against thoughts you don't want because that counts as thinking about them and only creates more of the same. Change your negative thoughts or, decide to deep file them, in the trash.

Your newly positive recycled thoughts can go back in your head where you are free to think about them. A lot. Stick your list of Spring cleaned thoughts on the fridge to remind you of the changes you're making. While you're there, write down some goals of where they might take you. Feeling lighter?

One last thing. While you're having a clear out, keep an eye open for the dream you used to have before life made you jaded and cynical. It'll be on a high shelf gathering dust somewhere. Take it down, wipe it clean and spend some time with it. Check if your new positive thoughts can bring you closer to achieving it. Ask if it might fit into the free space you've created. See if, by showing it some love and attention, it might become tender green shoots of the new you.


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