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Revitalize your Skin with Sprout power - The Natural Cosmetic Solution.

Updated on October 27, 2014

Sprout Your Way Towards Healthy Life


Secret Of An Everyouthful Skin Finally Revealed

Just like Breast milk for a baby's health sprouts are essential for growing plants survival. Sprouts store almost all the essential minerals and nutrients required for the plants growth and can enhance the nutritional value of your diet and complexion grade of your skin which your friends will ever rave about. Once having sprouts becomes part of your routine diet skin remains clean and ever glowing without the help of any cosmetics.

Commonly Used Sprouts

Nutrition experts say that almost all grains can be sprouted, but nothing can beat the nutritional value of legumes. Among the legumes highest nutritional value is for alpha alpha sprouts which is described as "master sprout" due to its nutritional value.

Health Benefits Of Sprouts

Consuming sprouts helps to maintain a glowing skin. sprouted legumes decreases the calorie content of the material and increases the percentage of protein and trace nutritional elements. Sprouting increases water content there by maintaining hydration of the tissues . Legume sprouts are considered to be easy to digest and light on your kidneys comparing un sprouted legumes that overload your kidney.

Alfa Alfa sprouts- Nothing to Beat it

It is the common sprouted seed. The arabic meaning of alfa is "father of all foods"Alfa sprouts are rich in iron. It is the first choice to cure iron deficiency. Alfa sprouts when consumed as raw salads helps in increasing hemoglobin level and reducing dark circles below eyes. It is a potent drug in acient herbal medicine to reduce cholestrol levels.

Correct Technique Of Sprouting

  1. Ensure that you buy the legume from a grocery store that promotes organic farming.
  2. Rinse the legume seeds and drain off excess water.
  3. Fill these legumes in a jar up to one fourth of the jars space in order to give space for the seeds to grow once the water content increases.
  4. Make sure that your sprouts are not drained in excess of water.
  5. Once fresh leafy tips appear it is best to consume at this stage.


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