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Sprouted grains and health

Updated on March 14, 2014

Sprouted grains with salad.

Sprouts are one of the most nutritious food and are the best source of a balanced diet.Sprouts are the germinated seeds of lentils or grains,Sprouts are alkaline in nature and hence helps to improve the general health of a person; it is a complete purifier of our body and improves the disease fighting capacity in us or it would be more appropriate to say that it enhances our immune system.

In order to maintain good health in a person 80% of the food we eat should be alkaline and 20% should be acidic,including raw food(salad) and sprouts in good quantity in our diet is of great value.
Why are sprouts essential in our diet?

The food habits are constantly changing and are becoming so unhealthy.They leave a bad impact on our health.we are exposed to most of the diseases due to our incorrect food habits, life style and negative thinking. Sprouts are the best solution for checking our malfood habits. The use of sprouts as a part of daily food, balances alkaline and acidic food requirement in our body and helps to maintain good health.

Sprouts could be eaten by anyone ,sick or healthy person both but the important thing to remember is to see that the quantity should be less in the beginning and should be chewed well before gulping . Cucumber,tomato, green chilies,coriander and lemon can be mixed to enhance the taste and nutritive value Sprouts are not only nutritious but also body building. Since sprouts are the germinated seeds of lentils or grains,and this germination gives additional nutritive beneficial qualities for our health.If it is eaten by an ill person , he or she may recover fast and if a healthy person eats them regularly ,he or she can prevent outbreak of several diseases and can also improve their health.

All grains cannot be sprouted.Only Sunflower, pulses, kidney bean, gram, soybean, fenugreek, wheat seeds can be sprouted.

While sprouting wheat, care should be taken to avoid fungus formation. Use a glass bowel to sprout. First soak the seeds in water for few hours then tie them in a muslin cloth removing the water from it, leave them overnight, they will sprout.

Benefits of sprouts

It is easily digestible, It also controls weight and are tasty besides being nutritious.

Some sprouts have extra vitamin c, iron, riboflavin, and niacin, phosphorous. thus it is a good source of vitamin and minerals.

The non nutritional elements in the grains reduce after sprouting.

The starch in grains converts into glucose, fructose and maltose after sprouting.The sprouting is slower in lentils when compared to grains.

Sprouted grains reach the different organs of the body fast and brings instant benefits and energy.Sprouts are completly free from adulteration of any kind as it could be done at home easily.Sprouts help the alcohol addicts to to come out their addiction problem.

Sprouts should be eaten raw as boiling, cooking or roasting destroys their nutritive value. However, sometimes it could be steamed. for elder people who cannot chew sprouts,
Sprouts appear the next morning. Sprouting process takes more time during winter season than summer season. Sprinkle water inside jar also at regular intervals.

Do not store the sprouts for many days. Use fresh sprouts and wash them once in water before eating.

The seeds, grains or lentils picked for making sprouts should be fresh, new, clean, and free from chemicals then only will they sprout even infested by pests are not to be used for sprouting.

Best seeds for sprouting:-

Kidney beans could be easily sprouted and they contains vitamin A, E and C.

Though Fenugreek(methi) has strong and bitter taste. It has curative power. It is used in the treatment of diabetes and arthritis and gastric and for small pox.

Grams provide vitamin, protein and minerals

Moog dal (green lentils) is good at sprouting and extremely nutritive


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