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Stages of Pregnancy

Updated on September 15, 2009

Once your pregnancy has been confirmed you may feel that the most difficult part is over, particularly if you needed help getting pregnant. In fact, the whole process is just beginning.

The stages of pregnancy are an area that often raises up concerns in expectant mothers. The first time a women conceives her body is going to be transforming. This is going to bring up questions about what is considered normal, what to be aware of, and pains that they may have never felt. These pains can make women feel like something is wrong, but as long as your doctor knows what is going on; he is probably going to tell you that they are normal, and to be expected from your first child. The first trimester you are going to start developing a small pooch, and your breasts will begin to fill preparing your body for the birthing process. It is during this time that your child is forming from a sperm and egg into something that resembles a human.

By the fourth month, you have a baby with arms and legs grown, and he or she has began developing their lungs, brain, heart, and other organs. The second trimester is extremely important to ensure that you are getting the proper nutrition. It is during your second and third trimesters that your baby develops the internal systems they are going to require to get through life. If anything comes up during these periods that make you believe you are going to have complications, definitely call your doctor, and let them know what is going on.

The third trimester is when it is considered safe to give birth, but most pregnancies are considered healthy births after 38 weeks. It is after this point in time that the babies heart, lungs, brain, and other systems have developed properly, and your child could be born and survive on it's own accord, without having to have assistance from incubation machines, or being pinned down in the neonatal intensive care unit for weeks while their body continues to develop. If you give birth before 38 weeks though, your child still has a very strong chance at being able to survive on their own, but before around 34 weeks, you may have to leave your bundle of joy in the hospital for a few more days.

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Difficulty Getting Pregnant?

There are many issues facing women these days when it comes to trying to conceive a child, from problems such as ovarian cysts, lazy ovaries, endometriosis, or even tubal obstructions. Any of these issues can completely remove your ability to have every womens gift, of being able to birth a child.

Lisa Olson had been trying to conceive for over 14 years though, and after thousands of hours of research, she has finally stumbled upon a clinically researched system that will enable you to conceive within months, without using drugs or fertility treatments! Most women have never even heard of this system, let alone tried to find it, and put it into practice, but if they could only know what the Chinese natural medicines, and how the proper nutritional intake can determine whether or not their body is able to conceive, they would all be enjoying natures greatest gift -- a child.

Let's face it, every woman dreams of being able to give birth, regardless of how many fears they may have. Bringing a child into the world naturally is something that every woman should experience, and Lisa has finally figured out what causes so many woman to fail to conceive, and has brought it together in one place.

Pregnancy at Last!

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