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Stagnant Blood – Concept, Causes and Treatment

Updated on November 1, 2016

Ever wonder why your body feels aches and pains without you doing anything to it and how you might have become a victim to all different kinds of diseases and sicknesses? The answer is simple, “Stagnant Blood”, which is commonly known as bad blood. Well, it could also be because you might be getting old, which leads to weak muscles and immune system due to which certain types of health issues arise but for now we are going to talk about stagnant blood, which is the MAIN REASON a human body becomes a victim of pains and various illnesses.

What is Stagnant Blood?

So what exactly is stagnant blood and how does it affect us? Stagnant or bad blood is that blood which does not circulate freely inside the human body and also disrupts the flow of normal blood, limiting the amount of nutrition’s that the different parts of the body should be receiving in order to function properly and for the body to remain in a healthy state.

Unfortunately, stagnant blood causes blood clots to form and when the body is not getting the proper blood and nourishment it deserves, that causes aches and pains. Some of the common pains that a person faces due to stagnant blood are:

1.) Back pain
2.) Shoulder pain
3.) Headaches
4.) Stabbing pain

Now that the concept of stagnant blood is clear, lets move to the next part, understanding how blood clots form in the human body.

How does stagnant blood form?

Everyone has blood vessels inside of him or her correct? Well, when these vessels get damaged, blood starts to leak and gets lodged in the tissues and this causes blood stagnation.

There are plenty of reasons why blood leaks from vessels and cause stagnation.

1.) Injury
2.) Operation
3.) Not taking proper care of your posture which results in back pain
4.) Exercising the wrong way

Natural Remedies

There are plenty of ways to get rid of bad blood, ranging from Chinese medication to massage therapies but the most effective way to get rid of stagnation is by draining the blood from the body and this is by means of cupping.

Cupping is the process of draining the stagnant blood from certain points, by sucking it out from the body. There are 3 types of cupping:

  1. Dry Cupping
  2. Dry Massage Cupping
  3. Wet Cupping

Dry cupping and dry massage cupping are basically the same thing with the only difference, is that olive oil is applied to the body during dry massage cupping to allow the cups to freely move around the body. Both of these types do not remove the stagnant blood from the body but instead gathers the blood from an area (e.g. if applying on the shoulder) and pulls the blood from its place in order to make way and increase the flow of normal blood in that area.

In wet cupping the blood is removed from the body using a small razor or any other sharp object. First of all, a vacuum is created around that area on which cupping has to be performed. The skin is pulled upwards, after which cuts are made using a small razor. The pressure vacuum is created on that part again, this time to suck the blood out.

This is the process of cupping. For a clear understanding on how it is actually performed, please look at the video blow.

Almost 70% of the diseases and pains are due to the body not receiving proper blood flow. It is important to understand that a certified person should perform cupping, as that person is aware of the proper places on which cupping should be performed.

Cupping was widely practiced by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and his followers. The Messenger (P.B.U.H) said: “Indeed the best of remedies you have is cupping (hijama)…

Apart from the technique of cupping, there are some alternative methods that can be adopted to get rid of bad blood.

  1. Leeches to suck the blood
  2. Deep massage
  3. Scraping massage

Keep in mind these substitutes may not prove to be as effective as cupping.


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