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Stand Up to the Stigma of Stereotype.

Updated on January 16, 2016

This semester we have studied how language is used to liberate and oppress. We have study different kinds of text, research and documentaries, reading, annotating and analyzing some of these test such as Investigation into women’s apparel in Muslim countries which is a stereotype by the University of Michigan's Institute for Social Research who asked people “What should women wear in public?” , School the world, an Image of Africa by Achebe, which is a parody and Africa for Norway.

For my written task, I have decided to create an opinion column to demonstrate my understanding of stereotypes which I have studied and experienced in every setting I have found myself. Opinion column helps me to express my points of view. I also choose it because of my knowledge of the analysis and annotation of texts that we have examined on the topic Investigation into women’s apparel in Muslim countries which is a stereotype.

Stereotypes have being the World major challenge that everyone has or gone through in his or her lives. In this blog, I will explain the meaning of stereotypes with examples, types and ways one can stand against stereotypes and prevent it. My target audience is high school teenagers. I chose a blog because I feel it will be open to more viewers and most especially students in high school. (Words count, 222)


Stand up to the stigma of stereotype.

Have you ever wonder why people isolate themselves from other groups of friends, students? It happened to everyone one in high schools, and even moving to a new environment or surroundings. If you were to ask one of your parents about high school, they will probably tell you “Bittersweet” or “hell” these are some of the reasons the high school hasn't changed. Everyone remember their high school years despite their difficulties.

A stereotype can be defined as a fixed, over generalized belief or the untrue assumptions that people exaggerate based on people’s behaviors, status, and lifestyles etc.(Cardwell, 1996 )
If someone smiling all the time, other will think that person has a great life. Just because a student read a lot of books, it does not mean he or she is a nerd and others think if one gets a bad grade, he is a slacker who doesn't try all. These are all example of some stereotypes that go on among students. There is a saying that “Do not judge a book by its cover” which simply implies that one should not judge another person by their look or behavior. Sex, race, age, sexual orientation, religion and physical ability are various categories of stereotype.

A stereotype can cause us to make people act like others just to fit in the society or social group of people. One should be able to stand for him or herself in every group they find themselves. We all stereotype as a result every one is guilty. There are many ways one can stand up to stereotypes that means, fighting the stigma of stereotype.


Firstly, be yourself, be true to yourself and look your best. Being yours means you don’t have to cope or act like someone else to fit in a particular group of people. You have to be yourself by being more confident, trusting yourself and being open minded to your surroundings. Be who you are and stay focus on what you were created for. Everyone was born differently so we all have different attitudes, characters, behaviors etc. for an example if a person read a Bible all the time, does not mean he or she will become a pastor or priest.

In the video blow is a song by John Legend called "You and I" where woman honor their beauty and relationships. This means everyone should be able to appreciate who they are because we all were created in the image of God. Never look in the mirror and tell yourself (I'm ugly" because someone told you.

Imagine a new student meant you in the hall and says "hi can you please show me where the office is?" what will be your response?

See results

Furthermore, occupy your mind. Occupying your mind means finding something you like doing like reading, cooking, coloring, dancing, Lego building and listening to music etc. these hobbies can help you stay away from thinking negative about others.

Foremost, volunteer and put yourself in their shoes. Helping others will be a great beneficial to your life that is letting go of preconception about others. It will also help you ease your mind from negativity about others and help to build your own life. Everyone has or face a problem, difficulties, concern but you have to imagine as if it was yourself having those difficulties or problems. See yourself as that person who is being stereotyped. It just like if you saw a very poor person in the street and you have a c conscious, you will definitely think of yourself as them. When you see yourself as another person, you will overcome the stigma of stereotypes.

Last but not least, don’t stereotype yourself. This mean do not label yourself if you don’t want others to label you.

And lastly, be friendly and don’t stereotype others. Most people stereotype you based on the kind of people you hang out with. Don’t judge people but be tolerant and kind even if there is something about that person. There is always a saying, do unto others as you want them to do unto you. Don’t stereotype others if you don’t want them to stereotype you, period!
Say no to stereotype and live happily.


Every day Stereotypes



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      Very nice article with an important topic!