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Strange Births

Updated on October 12, 2012

Largest Babies Ever Born

Mothers-to-be always hope to have a safe and healthy delivery of their baby. They spend nine months taking care of their bodies, eating the right food, and attending Lamaz classes. Most baby are born healthy and normal, but for some parents it is not the case. Here are 5 heaviest baby ever born:

5. If you thought everything is bigger in Texas, so are the babies. On July 11, 2011, JaMicheal Brown was born, weighing 16.1 pound and 24 inches long. The parent were large themselves, but the mother, Janet Johnson, has gestational diabetes which causes an excessive amount of glucose to form in the utero resulting to the excessive baby growth. Prior to the caesarean, using the ultrasound equipment the doctor expected the baby to weigh about 12 pound, but was surprised that it was much larger.

4. Ademilton Dos Santos was born via c-section on January 2005 in Salvador, Brazil. It took the doctors 11 hours to deliver 17 pounds baby boy. Ademilton had to be given glucose solution to sustain a safe level of blood sugar due to his mother's, Francisca Ramos dos Santos, diabetes problem. Prior to his birth, Francisca gave birth to four normal weight children.

3. Nadia Barabanova weighed 17.1 pounds on September 26, 2007. Born in Siberia to Russian parent, Nadia is the 12th child and the only one who weighed more than 11 pound among her siblings. Both the parent and doctor were very shocked when the baby girl was delivered via c-section, apparently the ultrasound machines did not work. It is reported that the mother, Tatiyana Barabanova, only relied on a diet of potatoes, tomatoes, and noodles throughout her pregnancy.

2. Akbar Risuddin was born on September 2009 in North Sumatra, Indonesia weighing 19.2 pounds and 24 inches long. The mother, Ani Risuddin, has diabetes which contributed to the baby boy size. The doctor had to deliver the baby via caesarean, which lasted 40 minutes long, because of complication due to the abnormal weight and size. The doctor said, "He is greedy and has a strong appetite, nursing almost nonstop. Ani has two son who both weighed 11.6 pounds when born.

1. Anna Haining Bates gave birth to a baby boy who weighed 23.12 pounds and was about 30 inches long on January 19, 1879. Anna Bates and her husband, Martin Van Buren Bates, were both very large people. Anna weighed 18 pound when she was born and was believed to be 7.5 feet tall as an adult. Martin was about 7.9 feet tall. Although her baby boy only survived for 11 hours, he still holds the Guinness World Records for the heaviest baby ever born.

Big Baby In Orange County

Pics Of Big Babies

Smalliest Babies Every Born

Being a premature baby is very difficult and right from the start, the odds are against you, but that doesn't mean the babies won’t be successful as they go throughout their lives. They might be born with a harder life but I believe this makes them stronger in the long run and their stories of survival are truly remarkable. Here are some of the world's smallest babies ever born.

1. In Charlotte, NC baby Kenna was born at just 9 ounces. This little girl is a fighter and is now home with her mom after living in the NICU at Presbyterian hospital for over 4 months, Kenna is out of special care and now has her own crib instead of being on an incubator. She is doing great right now and the doctors say that she should is on her way to living a healthy lifestyle.

2. In 2011 Melinda Star Guido was born weighing in at 9.5 ounces. She is surviving at the moment and weighs over 4 lbs. She was released from the hospital in 2012 so we wish her a successful life as she fights the battle of being a premature baby.

3. In 1989 a baby named Madeline Mann was born weighing in at just 9.9 ounces. This baby made it out alive and is now 22 years old enjoying life to the fullest. She is currently in her senior year of college and studying psychology, and did we mention she is an honors student!

Hopefully these stories have touched your heart and we wish all of these babies a healthy and happy life.

World Strangest Babies Video

Strange Conjoined Twins

Conjoined twins are identical twins who's body is attached to one another. A rare phenomenon, conjoined births are estimated to occur 1 in every 200,000 births. Almost half of conjoined births are stillborn and those that do survive, about 5-25%, live for only a short while with severe abnormalities.

Doctors have long suspect that the cause for conjoined twins is due to when a women's egg does not fully separate after fertilization, causing the twins to share bodily function with one another. There are over a dozen different types of conjoined twins and continues to be unusual than the next.

Here we look as some pictures of various conjoined twins:

Rare Conjoined Twins


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