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How to lose weight fast-weightloss tips

Updated on April 5, 2012

Do this plan for 30 days Every Day

1. Take one tablespoon of vinegar after a meal- The acid in it burns the fat.

2. 15 minutes of dancing fast to the music of your choice.

3. Drink lots of water- It fills you up.

4. Eat meals on a small plate- This tricks the brain.

5. Drink the juice from two lemons a day.

6. Use napkins to get the excess oil off of food.

7. Try hard not to eat after 6pm.

8. Substitute toast for a meal.

9. Try to walk up 30 stairs a day.

10. Do at least 20 minutes of house cleaning a day.

11. Substitute one bowl of cornflakes for a meal.

12. Use cayenne pepper in your foods- Helps burn fat.

13. Park far away from shopping stores- Every bit of exercise counts.

14. Drink one cup of green tea after every meal.

15. Substitute a can of soup for a meal.


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