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Start Lying Because Honesty Doesn't Pay

Updated on June 10, 2014

Start Lying Because Honesty Doesn't Pay

There are countless of instances, but I'll give you some examples:

1)If you go to the doctor's office and tell him you're depressed. He likely will not ask you why you are depressed. Did you get enough exercise? What's your diet? Are you in a toxic relationship? Did you not met your expectation in career or goal? etc...To fully give you a full assessment and prescribe advice and changes necessarily to heal you. That doesn't pay. He is likely just going to give you prozac or some drugs to make money from you and fuck you up in the process.

2)I used to work as a nail tech, and the owner always try to lure people in to do acrylic fake nails. Where they have to come back every 2 weeks in order to refill. So they waste money and a truth that was never told that they will fuck up their natural nail in the long run. Coz truth doesn't pay and they lied their asses off to grab your cash.

3) Public schools won't teach you personal finance. They will likely not mention that you should not spend above your means--rather spending less than what you make. That's why we have tons of people who are in debt. We have idiots taking tons of loan driving nice ass car that they can't afford, and spending over 100k for an art degree which likely will be worthless. They tell you not to worry, once you graduate you will make all that back and pay it off in no time. Now we have government intervention to bail students out. If they understand the concept of not spending above your means then we will not have all these deficits, bail outs, and social burdens. They purposely keep you ignorant, so they can get paid and keep the system running.

That's why people will not tell the truth, because it doesn't pay. Imagine a preacher telling the truth. Admit that he doesn't know anything or amount to much when it come to the divine knowledge.What would happen? He will not get donations and money. The world is a giant jerk circles, where people stroking on each other's ego and keep the bullshit going so money can keep circulating. People will not tell the truth, lie to make quick buck, omit truth, and seduce you to do shit/or buy shit that will be beneficial to them. While at the same time they teach you about honesty and never to lie. They go out of their way to promote honesty and even punish those who are not truthful.

Lying is prevalent and still the best strategy. Time to sharping up your lying skills and bullshitting skills, after all, it is a social demand.


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