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Start Calisthenics With This 30 Days Workout Plan

Updated on October 14, 2020

30 days unlimited workout plan for beginners.

When starting it can often be difficult to know how to get started with calisthenics. You may ask yourself which routine should I choose ? Which exercises should I include? And how many reps and sets should I do? The following calisthenics workout routine gives you a great start for the first weeks of your calisthenics journey, but we designed it in a way that even intermediate and advanced calisthenics athletes can benefit from it this routine is not only about building muscle and strength it also improves your balance mobility explosiveness and overall body control making it perfect for progressing to harder exercises no matter which level of performance you are at just choose the right progression and you're ready to go the first calisthenics exercise.

1. Squat to haandstand

The squat to handstand. Now you might say, wait a minute the handstand is not a beginner exercise at all well this is true but you can still benefit from this exercise. When you just choose an easier progression to start in a squat position and slightly shift your weight onto your hands the stronger you are and the more control you have the more you can increase the weight shift until you are able to place your body in a vertical line always take care that you do a correct deep squat and don't crouch your body and hang passively in your structure so don't let your knees collapse in watts and keep your whole foot flat on the floor don't raise your toes or heels and aim for a straight spine the squat to handstand is a great mix between strength balance coordination and mobility the main muscles you use are the glutes the quads the forearms the shoulders and the traps but of course you need a lot of other muscles to stabilize your body in both positions.

2.Under handgrip body rows

The second calisthenics exercise is underhand grip body rows most people tend to make like rows and prefer pull-ups they are usually more fun and look way more impressive but you should know that rows are as important as pull-ups if not even more important if you do regular pull-ups you will notice that it's very hard to bring your shoulder plates backwards into retraction in a row you can focus on the retraction much easier this works your rhomboids the rear delts and the middle traps way more effective than regular hollow body puller of course the row also works your lats forearms biceps and even your glutes hamstrings and director spinning rows are an essential movement for shoulder health good posture and a well-balanced upper body so don't neglect them to adapt the road to your level of performance you can change the angle the more vertical you place your body if the easier it gets the more horizontal the harder it gets if you only have access to a fixed bar you can bend your legs this decreases deliver and makes it easier don't worry if you aren't able to pull yourself up until you hit the ball with your chest as long as you aim for the correct shoulder movement and body tension you work your muscles effectively.

3. Spiderman pushup

The next is the spider-man push-up. Here you lower yourself to the ground like in a normal push-up when you are in the lowest position you lift your right foot off the ground and bring your knee forward until it reaches your elbow from there you move the foot back push yourself up to the starting position and repeat the same movement but this time with your left knee this push up variation is a great mix between chest triceps shoulder and AB activation and improves your upper body strength a lot if you aren't able to go all the way down just change the angle the more you place your body in the vertical position the easier it gets you can use a bench parallels a high bar or even a table for that another way to adapt this exercise to your level is by decreasing the range of motion with this execution you also train your abs and all the other muscles mentioned before the impact for your chest shoulders and triceps is decreased because you're not going all the way down we only suggest this version if you have no other option to make it easier or if your main goal is activating your abs no matter which variation of this exercise you do always make sure that you do it with full control and muscle tension don't arch your back and just hang in your structures the fourth exercise is the breakdancer here you start in a push-up position but with a 90 degree bend knee from there you lift one hand off the ground and bring your opposite foot off the floor rotate your hips as you bring your leg through kick it out to the opposite side and touch your leg with your hand rotate your hips back and do the exact same movement with the other side if you aren't able to rotate your body that far you can work with easier progressions the more you rotate your body and the more you push yourself up when you touch your toes the harder it gets always make sure that you are able to stabilize your body don't hang in your structures and always extend your legs when you touch your toes this exercise is a mix between coordination strength and mobility and it's great for the activation of your app's shoulders squats and traps.

4. Spilit Squat

The last calisthenicsexercise is the split squat jump which focuses on the lower body here you step one foot back and sink into a deep lunge while lifting the arm of the same side your foot travels backwards keep your elbow at about right angles and lift the hand to about shoulder height from this position you slightly jump up and change positions of arms and legs keep your center of gravity as low as possible so don't just do a normal jumping lunge from there you simply repeat the movement and switch sides after each rep always make sure that you can control the movement the whole time then smoothly make sure that the front knee doesn't travel too much in front of your toe and that the front heel stays on the ground this movement has a massive stabilization aspect and if you aren't able to control yourself you're not doing your knees any kind of favor so if you aren't able to stabilize your joints when you do the jump just stick to lunges without the jumping movement the split squat jump works your quads glutes hamstrings coughs and many other muscles of your lower body all right these were the exercises.

Workout Structure

Now we are taking a look at the workout structure you do three sets of every exercise before you switch to the next one between every set and between the exercises you rest for about two minutes when it comes to the exercises itself we suggest a progression which allows you to do about eight to fifteen reps always keep in mind that exercises like the break-dance and the split squat jump are exercises in which you switch between two sides so in this case you double the rest it's also very important to not go all out in every set try to do about 80% of your maximum in the first two sets and 100% in the last set of every exercise don't forget that this is not strict mathematics 80% means that the exercise is already very challenging but you would be able to do a couple more reps don't make the common mistake to exhaust yourself in every session especially as a beginner your body needs time to adapt and to grow you won't progress and make the best possible gains if your muscles are sore all the time we suggest doing this routine about three times a week for one month. As you probably know we always aim to keep our standards very high this is the reason why we overworked our complete calisthenics program don't get us wrong the old programs are still very good when it comes to the structure and the programming everyone who followed them properly got great results but the article the design and everything besides the programming was not up to date this is the reason why we designed a new version we not only change the layout and the articles we also change the workouts itself the new programs include more variety calisthenics skill training and more training methods you also get additional content about mobility regeneration and nutrition if you already bought one of the older complete calisthenics programs.

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