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Start the Day Off Right: Why You Should NOT Skip Breakfast!

Updated on October 24, 2012
A Traditional breakfast at Tamahan Ryokan, Kyoto
A Traditional breakfast at Tamahan Ryokan, Kyoto | Source

We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but how many of us actually eat a good (or any) breakfast, every day? I’m a breakfast-skipper by nature, ever since adolescence, actually. I just can’t eat right away, when I first wake up. Come to think of it, I may be a breakfast skipper for cultural reasons, too. I’m Italian and, quite frankly, adults in Italy usually grab a quick espresso or cappuccino at the local bar (a café, not an American-style bar) and only very occasionally will eat something with it. If they do eat, which is rare, it’s usually a beignet (a cream-filled donut) or a biscotto (a dry cookie). Although I was raised mainly in the U.S., that was my breakfast as a child, too: a cup of boiled milk with either chocolate Nesquick or sugar-sweetened orzo (a drink made with powdered barley, milk and sugar) and one of those figure-8 cookies (Stella d'Oro Breakfast Treats, anyone?) or bread with butter and jam. However, it has become pretty clear that breakfast-skippers are doing themselves (and their families) a huge disservice; breaking the fast before launching into the day’s activities has many benefits, especially for kids, but also for grown-ups.

Fueling our bodies first thing in the morning sets us up for a great day. Eating a good breakfast increases your attention span and keeps you from feeling tired and/or irritable by mid-morning. And, did you know that skipping breakfast does NOT help you lose weight? Skipping breakfast is the quickest way to ensure that your body will think it may starve and, therefore, it will slow down its metabolism of food and store more fat, just in case. It seems counter-intuitive, but in order to lose weight efficiently and effectively, you should eat a good breakfast. And children who eat a good breakfast every day concentrate and problem-solve better, in the classroom and on the playground.

So, what’s a good breakfast? According to one source, “a good breakfast is one that provides at least one third of the day’s calories.” It goes without saying that a good breakfast should also be a healthy one (in other words, skip the doughnuts, not the breakfast).

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  • everymom profile image

    Anahi Pari-di-Monriva 4 years ago from Massachusetts

    @MsDora, breakfast is a challenge for me, too! However, you will soon see a big difference in your energy level when you stop skipping! Good luck!

  • MsDora profile image

    Dora Isaac Weithers 4 years ago from The Caribbean

    Thanks for the reminders. I need them often because having breakfast continues to be a challenge for me. Habit, I guess, but I'll still try!

  • everymom profile image

    Anahi Pari-di-Monriva 4 years ago from Massachusetts

    @lamsam: thanks so much for reading this Hub. As I said in the article, I'm a breakfast-skipper. But, last year, at my physical, I got the shock of my life when I saw that I weighed more than I did when I was pregnant...and it was a decidedly unhealthy weight. I had lost the "baby weight" and had maintained a healthy weight, but, once I started taking care of my ill mother as well as my child, I had gained; but it was a shock to see how much! The real kicker was that I actually wasn't eating a lot in any given day! That's how I learned the hard way that skipping breakfast can actually cause your body to think it's starving and, therefore, to conserve fat! Now, I eat with my daughter, so that she doesn't keep up this trend that she is on of becoming a breakfast-skipper as well.

    You are smart to eat a good breakfast before running into your day. Please, share what you love to eat! That will be the topic of my next Hub!

  • Iamsam profile image

    Iamsam 4 years ago

    Thanks for listing the benefits of having a breakfast. I always try to have a good breakfast before leaving home in the morning.