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Loosing Weight

Updated on July 28, 2018

Lose Weight And Shape Up


Loosing Weight In A Rapid Way

I'd like to share with you on how we can start to lose weight by practicing the steps below. It is definitely not going to be easy, especially if you have some weight to lose.
But you need to always work and stay focus.

Steps To Lose Weight

Here are those important steps to lose weight that we really need to pay attention to;

  • Start to eat 7 meals a day, that is breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 4 snacks.
  • Only protein, white meat, fish or dried beef for dinner.
  • Fruits during the 4 times snacks during the day.
  • Vegetables and salads for lunch and dinner, no dressing that is.
  • Reduce your daily calorie intake, maximum 1200/1300 Cal.
  • Cut down on carbohydrates, enjoy only rice, wholemeal pasta and vegetables.
  • Drink plenty of water and no drinking any other drink.
  • Avoid completely alcohol, like beer, wine and spirits.
  • Make sure that you are always moving, it will really help you lose weight rapidly.
  • Walk at least one hour or 2 hours a day, as well run or bicycling.

More Things To Do To Lose Weight

  1. Go to the gym at least 5 times in 7 days, make workouts short and intense,
  2. Stop using the machine and go for a walk, it is really mandatory.
  3. Use only stairs during this period, no elevators.
  4. Even when you are stationary, move hands, feet, head etc.
  5. Do not lie down on the bed while watching TV, to be recommend that you are sitting.
  6. Try to stand up as much as possible, to burn the calories.
  7. Sleep 8 hours a day for all 7 days.
  8. Just forget completely cakes, omelets, ice cream and potato chips.
  9. Stop eating out, to lose weight rapidly just eat at home.
  10. Eat slowly for both lunch and dinner, each must be last at least half an hour.
  11. Chew a lot of times in every mouthful, especially in both main meals.

Those practices above really works for me. Hope it will too for you who are willing to give it a try. And remember to stay focus and stick to it.

Make A Target In Losing Weight

By motivating yourself like making some targets are a good push on sticking to your diet plan, for instance;

  1. Start making a target on how many of your weight you need to lose.
  2. The bikini size that you aim to wear during summer.
  3. How fit do you want to be regarding the look of your body.
  4. Do you want to look slim and fit only or slim, fit and the stomach full of muscles?

Once you know these targets, you are fully aware then on your preparation and the activities you need to take to get to those targets.

Which kind of sports activities, low, medium or intense one?

And please make sure that you always eat healthy and drink enough water when you are active doing any kind of sports.

Controling The Portion And Calories

Actually controlling the

  • portion and
  • calories

are not really necessary if your diet plan contains only a very low-carbs with protein, low carb vegetables and fat.

However, if you think you need to control the portion and calories, please do so.

Stick To The Diet Plan

It is extremely difficult to stick to your diet plan, you will experience hunger that will cause you to want to give up on your diet plan.

For that reason, you need to have a very strong willpower. You need to put in mind the three things below;

  1. Without hunger, you manage to lose weight quickly
  2. Try your utmost in reducing your appetite
  3. With the two things above mentioned, you need to improve as well your metabolic health.

Usually by removing carbs and sugar from your diet, it will lower your insulin level and in result will kill your appetite and make you lose weight without feeling hunger.

But make sure that every meal you should always include protein on it.

Here are some example of protein sources;

  • Eggs, pastured eggs are the best
  • Meat such as chicken, pork, bacon, lamb, and beef
  • Seafood and fish, such as trout, salmon, lobsters and shrimps

Protein boosts metabolism and it gives a positive effect that you wouldn't feel to have the late night snacking as much as before the diet plan.

Protein is really on the top list of nutrient when you do diet to lose weight.

The Key to be successful in losing weight is having a diet plan that contains;

  • each meal out of the protein source,
  • a low-carbs vegetable and
  • a fat source such as olive oil, coconut oil, butter and avocado oil.
  • consuming green tea, helps your digestion and metabolism works better


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