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Static contraction exercises

Updated on March 30, 2012

Static contraction is an interesting concept but is so simple that a lot of us can do it at anytime and at anywhere.

Static contraction exercises have to do with tensing your muscles. That means you tighten all the major muscles of your body and hold that position for a few seconds or as long as you want.

You can do them sitting or standing or even while you are doing some other type of exercise that all depends on you.

What's great about static contraction exercises is that you use your own body. Nothing else is needed. You can do them by themselves, or move while you are doing them for some extra work.

Abs are the easiest.

What to do:

  1. inhale
  2. pull your stomach in
  3. straighten your back

this helps with strengthening all the muscles including the ones in your back. Think of this if your stomach is relaxed the muscles as well as the fat hang loose with no definition or firmness. Yet if you inhale, pulling your navel to your spine and just breathe normally you can feel the tensing that eventually brings about muscle development that you are looking for.

Tensing the muscles of your body, is an interesting concept but what you are doing is building up your muscle health under the fat that surrounds it and this contributes to your exercising and strength training routine, anywhere at anytime.

Although abs are the easiest that does not mean that you can not do static exercises for every large muscle group. All you have to do is tighten up every muscle in your body by squeezing the muscle and you are doing a static exercise.

You have to hold your body tightly for a few seconds but static exercises causes the muscles to heat up and that is where you will notice the muscles exerting energy.


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