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Staunch Energy Strips - What Makes Them Different?

Updated on April 1, 2009

Staunch Energy Strips – What Makes Them Different?

Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock for the past half a decade or so is familiar with the common breath strip. A dissolvable film you can put in your mouth to freshen your breath. Carrying the same combination of chemical components as a bottle of your favorite mouthwash in your pocket, no worry about the mess, the idea was simply genius. Staunch Energy Strips takes that to the next level. The simple breath strip has turned energy strip. Now, not only can you quickly freshen your breath, but you can also get that extra, all natural zing of energy you need when you’re on the go.

From a pragmatic standpoint, Staunch Energy Strips are beneficial for the body, but they also provide superior service with a revolutionary business model. Staunch Energy Strips are available in any flavor you want, so long as it’s minty and cool. Staunch Energy Strips are cool in more than just one way. The energy boost provided by Staunch Energy Strips provides an all natural, healthy alternative to coffee or the typical energy drink.

Staunch Energy Strips use a unique blend of natural extracts to bring the pep of their popular energy drink anywhere you go, and you don’t even need to refrigerate it. With a combination of coffee extract, ginkgo biloba, ginseng, and Vitamins B12 & B6, Staunch Energy Strips bring you the energy you need when you need it most. Best of all, it is an all natural supplement, so those of us who are concerned about our health and a laundry list of ingredient names it takes a PhD to decipher, can take Staunch Energy Strips without any worry.

It’s not all just a bunch of hype, either. The key components of Staunch Energy Strips have been widely used and scientifically tested to give your body a boost without any harmful side effects. As discussed in this brief from a report conducted by the University of Maryland Medical Center, studies have shown that ginkgo biloba extract (GBE) increases blood flow and enhances motor coordination and energy levels. There are several studies you can find at your local medical library or online that support this fact. The same is true for the extract used in Staunch Energy Strips.

Staunch Energy Strips also contain ginseng which several sources indicate is a natural remedy to a variety of medical conditions as well as helps to enhance mental alertness and acuity. The Mayo Clinic has provided a brief study in laments terms here.

An extra dose of Vitamin B12 will enhance metabolism, which speeds up the flow of blood and provides us with greater amounts of energy. Vitamin B6 does the same, on a different level, affecting the metabolism of amino acids directly. For a quick review of the vitamins, their purpose, and effects, it might be useful to visit

Coffee extract might seem like a strange addition to a product that boasts being healthy and all natural, but Staunch Energy Strips doesn’t let you down here. The proper extract, as Staunch uses includes only a small amount of caffeine, which is known to be a natural diuretic and stimulant. Coffee extract also contains antioxidants.

While Staunch Energy Strips is bringing this healthy way to energize yourself, it doesn’t mean you have to take it with a spoonful of sugar. Quite to the contrary, Staunch Energy Strips leave a clean, refreshing minty flavor in your mouth. So when you’re on the go and need a boost, grab yourself some Staunch Energy Strips. A pack of them is smaller than your average pack of gum, and a whole lot healthier. Staunch Energy Strips are not your typical breath or energy strip. They are one of kind, unique.

As their name implies, Staunch Energy Strips are unyielding in their standards and their quality. You can purchase Staunch Energy Strips directly from a retailer, or you can visit their website and become a Staunch Energy Strips agent yourself.


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