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What is Drug Abuse?

Updated on June 11, 2013

If a person is introduced to or unconsciously gets trapped in the world of dark powders, he gets trapped and is unable to breakaway and escape. He suffers all his life from drug addiction as the drugs stimulate and control his body parts in their own way. This ruins his life and ends it, leaving him in despair.

What is a Drug?

Before, we discover the dark world of drug abuse/addiction, let us first know what really a drug is. Most of the drugs that are available in today's market are 'once upon a time' medicines and cures that were invented and designed to heal diseases. But due to their dreadful and deathly effects, they are now banned by manifold governments across the globe. Examples are Cocaine, Heroin, Amphetamine, Metamphetamine, Barbiturates, Gluthemide, Opium, Benzodiazephines, Alprozolam, Flunitazolam, Triazolam, Timazepam and Nametazepam. Even the coke we drink contains Caffeine, which is also a drug. It is mixed in coke so that we get addicted to coke! So in a way, we are already drug addicts.

Drug Capsule
Drug Capsule

What is Drug Addiction?

Drugs are quite addictive in nature, and their addiction can prove very, very dangerous for many. A black hole is a quintessence of drug addiction. As you might know, a black hole is an invisible reminent of a supernova that engulfs everything, even light. Once it engulfs any object, it is impossible for that object to escape from it. Drug addiction also functions in a similar manner. In the present world, the drug consumers are present in plethoral numbers. Drugs are quite eminent among the youth. Impeccable to a nuclear bomb, which destroys the existence of anything that comes in its way, drug abuse or drug addiction is a serious threat exposed to humanity. And the truth is that we humans bear the sole responsibility of giving birth to such extraordinary quiet murderers.

What are the causes of Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction has plenty of causes under its name. The primary causes of it are multitudinous kinds of stress. A person may be experiencing one or more of them. Death of a close relative or a friend, losing a job or an opportunity to perform or achieve something, maybe a goal, failure in exams or competitions and disturbance in social and economical life generate various varieties of stress in a person. If the person is not able to overcome these adverse conditions, he may opt to go for drugs eventually.

It is a humorous fact that the drug addicts, rather than avoiding drugs and preventing themselves from consuming it, love to extol drugs among their present and to-be friends, revealing that drugs are the most efficient stress busters. These kind of people usually like to mould the facts as they wish. Their common target are the innocent people, particularly those who have gone though a lot of suffrage in their lives and they are easily able to convince them to join their party. They also make people become a member of the league by unfair means.
These people are a prevalent danger to our society. Under their leadership and power, the new drug addicts attract other people. In this way, they contribute a lot in raising the population of drug addicts.

Drugs attack the pleasure center of our brain - Reward System
Drugs attack the pleasure center of our brain - Reward System

How does drugs affect our body?

All our body parts and functions are controlled by the brain. Our brain controls them by sending messages to the parts which contain information on how to act. The messages are in the form of chemical compounds. This becomes the main problem for our body. Drugs are also chemical compounds. Some drugs like heroin are so much similar in structure to these neurotransmitters that they are easily able to fool the brain receptors and hence activate nerve cells to behave abnormally. Other drugs such as cocaine cause nerve cells to release over-excessive amount of neurotransmitters that again imbalance the body's behavior.

Most of the drugs target the brain’s reward system. This system reacts to the natural behaviors like eating, sleeping and all other things at a person cherishes.But it has uncontrollable and horrible effects in response to the drugs. This reaction sets in motion a pattern that compels some people to repeat the behavior or abuse more drugs than they did before.

As a person continues to consume drugs, the brain adapts to the sudden and seemingly euphoric changes in the brain reward system by producing less of its own dopamine or by reducing the number of dopamine receptors in the reward circuit. As a result, dopamine’s impact on the reward circuit is lessened, reducing the abuser’s ability to enjoy the drugs and the things that previously brought pleasure. This decrease compels those addicted to drugs to keep abusing drugs to attempt to bring their dopamine function back to normal. This further compels the addicts to abuse more drugs.

Drug Addict
Drug Addict

What are the effects of Drug Addiction?

Once a person gets addicted, his life gets debased. His esteem, career, social life, family and status get carried away with the wind, leaving the person with nothing but drugs. As the stress level of the addict rises, he starts consuming more and more drugs, thinking and hoping that they would help, forgetting that those who create problems cannot help us to solve them. Slowly, his life comes almost to an end. The person feels the heat of loneliness all the time and thus gets alienated from the society. His mind gets immensely affected by the continuous dozes of drugs, which still continues to function, but improperly. Sometimes the muscles also don't response to the commands given by the brain. The immune system also weakens which invites loads of diseases to attack the addict. Also, the brain starts working at an impulse or an instinct without pondering over it. This leads to manifold problems. The person becomes impulsive and may begin to engage in wrong activities like theft, murder etc.

Using syringes is one of the most prominent ways of consuming drugs
Using syringes is one of the most prominent ways of consuming drugs

How to get rid off Drug Addiction?

The first step to get away with drugs is to admit that you are addicted of drugs. A drug addict can always join Drug Rehabilitation Centers and other similar centers to get away with drugs. But once an addict joins these centers, he has to go through a lot of suffering and trouble. And it is not guaranteed that he will get rid of them or not

As stated earlier, drugs and black holes are alike. Once they engulf someone, it is unlikely for him to escape. But still, there is a chance. And here comes the big trick. If a drug addict is able to divert all his attention to anything but drugs like cooking, gymming, swimming and other activities, he would have no time for drug abuse. Slowly and gradually he may get rid of drugs. But diverting attention is not an easy task. It can only be diverted if a person has enough will power and brain power to command the brain to get involved in other activities. This astonishing feat is achievable only with the help of meditation. So one should practice meditation regularly in order to leave drugs.

But precaution is better than cure. Why consume drugs and try tirelessly to get rid of it instead of avoiding them. It is profitable to stay away from these deathly powders to save ourselves from their fatal outcomes.

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