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Stay Healthy Diverticulitis No Seeds or Seeds?

Updated on July 7, 2016

Diverticulitis No Seeds

Diverticulitis No Seeds!

So you went to the doctor or the hospital and found out you have diverticulitis and were told not to eat any seeds. It is summer and you have access to all the produce you have been told that is healthy, but what to do when ninety percent of produce has seeds?

A quick fix of course is seeding cucumbers, tomatoes, and anything large enough to use a spoon or knife to remove them. A lot of delicious fruits have seeds like strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries. These are excellent healthy foods you shouldn't have to go without.

The best recourse is to eat healthy, and follow your doctor's orders. If you can't eat seeds you might want to invest in the new blenders that emulsify seeds. Another suggestion is to juice, and its a quick and easy way to get your five food groups in for your daily requirements..

Beware of some juicers, they can take the counter top up and leave little space for working. Some compact juicers that work well are the Brevile 700 watt compact juicer fountain, which has an inside pulp holder, and it doesn't take much counter space. It comes with a small pitcher, to juice, pour, and off you go.

The Ninja seen on most infomercials does a wonderful job in pulverizing ice to snow, and with your juice over top makes a great slushy. It's cheap, and low in calories.

So don't be afraid if you are diagnosed with diverticulitis, there are healthy ways to live with the disease.

Stay calm, stress is another trigger that can cause spasms and health issues.

Recent studies dispute the finding seeds are bad for you, be sure to check with your own doctor.

Please check with your doctor! New studies show seeds may be benifical.

Written (c) B. A. Williams

All Rights Reserved

Beware of Seeds


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