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Stay Healthy Naturally.

Updated on November 30, 2012

Natural Food.

Health is a Holistic Concept.

Good health is something we all want. The concept of health includes physical, emotional, psychological and mental aspects. They all work together so that when all of these are in balance we feel healthy but when something goes wrong with any of these aspects then our health suffers. While we use different labels to describe these aspects, they are really all part of the one living organism, ourselves. Keeping everything ticking over smoothly needs a bit of input from ourselves but in the main, it's really not rocket science. I have developed a theory on this...I may not be the first to come up with it...but I've adopted it because it seems to work.

Natural Common Sense will keep you Healthy.

Our bodies are made up of basic building blocks, cells. Cells are made up of ingredients that are found all around us in the natural world. We use those natural ingredients to build and maintain our body. Therefore, if we want our body to function properly and well, we have to maintain a constant supply of these ingredients in the form of food.

Humans have been around for a very long time, long before artificial chemicals were even thought of. We don't need artificial foods, everything we need is provided by nature in the form that we need it. Go in to a supermarket and see what's on the shelves and what people are buying. Ready meals full of chemicals, fruit drinks that have never seen a scrap of fruit, chicken nuggets containing beaks, blue coloured drinks and sweets...all totally unnatural.

If we want our body to work as nature intended then we have to give our body what nature supplies...decent, natural food. As the saying goes "You are what you eat".

I eat as much natural food as it's possible to get. I grow a lot of my own fruit and veg just because I enjoy gardening but shops sell fruit and veg too. I don't raise my own animals for meat but I do eat meat that I've bought in the butcher's shop. I eat bread, cereals, dairy products, pulses and nuts. All natural things that have not been chemically altered.

We hear scare stories from time to time about how certain foods are 'unhealthy'. Butter has been blamed for causing high cholesterol and weight gain. Butter is a fat made from milk...just milk. Our body needs some fat to absorb the fat-soluble vitamins (A,D,E & K). Without fat we would not have a properly functioning body. Excess fat intake can cause problems but in moderation it is a necessity. Butter is OK, it's natural, chemical free and delicious. Far better than a tub of chemically altered fats from a science lab.

Chicken is a good meat, full of protein. It's natural. Chickens run around farm yards they are put there by nature. Compare a chicken breast with a chicken nugget. Where does the chicken nugget come from? A factory that grinds all of the inedible parts of the bird into a paste, adds chemicals and puts breadcrumbs around it and sells it. Chicken nuggets are not natural. When did you last see a flock of chicken nuggets roaming around a barn?

Packaged bread even has preservative chemicals in it. All you need is flour, yeast, salt and water to make good home-made bread, free from artificial chemicals.

Do you see my point about food? Put good natural ingredients into our good natural bodies and you have the right building blocks to maintain it.


Our bodies need to be exercised to keep everything working. We need to move. In our modern lives we have so many gadgets that are supposed to make life easier for us but we can take this too far. We were meant to walk and sometimes to run, just as humans have been doing for millennia. This is what it takes provide sufficient exercise to keep us healthy. We don't need cross-trainers, bikes and gyms. Even prolonged running can cause its own problems with knee joints seizing up or becoming damaged. Regular natural exercise that we can do for free is all we need. Forget the gym membership, it's not necessary.

The gadgets all around us that save us having to move are actually causing problems. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against technology, it's just that we have to be sensible about it.

Hypochondria as a Hobby.

Some people are never content unless they have a health issue. A lot of the time it's not even a real issue, just a hobby. They nurture their problem like a pet, take it to the Doctor, talk about it to their friends, buy pills and potions for it...they love it!

I can't count how many people have told me that they have an allergy, usually to some sort of food. Now, some people really do have food allergies and I'm in no way discounting that but some people just 'want' to have an allergy. They'll profess to having an allergy to a certain food when really all it is, is that they don't like that food. That's OK, we don't all have to like everything, just don't eat what you don't like. Don't start quizzing waiters in restaurants about food ingredients when you have a simple dislike of a certain food, just choose not to eat it. It's not dramatic though is it?

There is not a pill for every ill. A sore back after a day in the garden doesn't need a chiropractor, analgesia and a doctor's appointment. A hot bath and a rest should do the trick in most cases. Let the body heal's what it is programmed to do in most cases.

I'm not for a minute suggesting that there are not occasions when medical help is required. Use medical help when you need to, let nature do its thing when you don't.

Use Common Sense.

Stay sensible, use common sense, keep it natural and your health will improve. Your outlook on life will be better and you'll feel happier.


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