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Stay Healthy by Developing Will Power

Updated on November 1, 2010

Will Power is The Best Weapon to Stay Healthy

Its out of question, that how many people desires to be healthy. But many of them lack the ‘will power’ to get a healthy life. Staying is not so difficult, but we make it our-self, especially when we take foods that aren’t good for us. Some people crave for sweets(sometimes more than sweets - items full of sugar, some chocolates), others crave for fried salted snacks (full of oil and butters). Then some are addicted to soda of cola, who like to maintain their regular quota everyday to avoid depression. The cigarette, alcohol addicted peoples are increasing day by day in huge number. Tea or coffee are used too much to make their neuron system to be active among some brainy workers.

There are lots of attention, self control and discipline are required to get off from this addictions. Lots of us desire very sincerely to give up these cravings but most of the time we find ourselves powerless to the demands of our taste buds. When this time comes, that our cravings begin to rule our lifestyle, energy levels, immunity system, tastes and overall health, then we surely need to develop will power to throw out this unhealthy approach towards our lifestyle to outside our life and overcome our addictions. Here are a few tips.

Tips for Developing Will Power

We Know but Never Become Aware of it, and Never Become Cautious:
Most of us know that fried snacks, sweets, colas, cigarettes, excessive alcohol are bad for our health. But most of us are not ‘aware’ of the possible result and the exact action of those foods. Some of us are partially ‘aware’ of the potential damage that such cravings can cause to our health, but we cannot get sufficiently motivated to give them up, because we never become to serious and become cautious over that matter. The difference between ‘knowing’ and ‘awareness’ is the same as being able to identify a food that is French, but not being able to find the taste of that particular food. Therefore perfect awareness is the key to motivation.

Write Down Some Motivational Quotes:
Write something to motivate you, and place it some place when you eyes can gaze most of the time. Like "Why I am so lazy", "I have to leave fried foods", I need to stay healthy-so need to avoid alcohol", I don't wanna be a cancer patient", etc. And place these in your study, drawing room, desk, etc. where you spend most of the time in busy work. So that these fells into your eyes in regular interval.

Use Meditation for Developing Will Power:
Meditation is another great way to increase or develop will power. Many people use meditation as a spiritual practice, which of course is great, but the benefits i am talking about here have nothing to do with spirituality. It need some time like few weeks or months to be a perfect mediator, when you will start to get the benefit of it. Meditation provide a calmer and more balanced state of mind which helps strengthen our willpower. Tension drains away all by itself, you'll feel less conflicted, less distracted, more focused, and more at peace.

Practice: Keeping your focus in a particular direction needs discipline, which in turn needs practice. Focus on your new aim, and start doing it. Practice avoiding chocolate after dinner, or the cigarette that you want to get rid off. Practice being vegetarian or whatever your new goal to achieve good health is. Practice of any skill makes you internally focused and improves your ability at that skill. You may find yourself going back to your cravings. But don’t let that hinder your progress towards better health. Reread your motivation, bounce right back and once again you will find the road to better health. Listen to your ‘inner voice,’ and not to your taste buds. Instead of feeling deprived about what you ‘cannot have’, try to feel deprived of ‘good health’ every time you make a slip. You will gradually begin to feel blessed with your newly acquired will power and the abundance of health available to you. You will begin to love yourself more for being able to achieve your goal.


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    • sudeep13582 profile image

      sudeep13582 7 years ago from Howrah

      Yes you are absolutely right.. it is always not the answer..

      but its the best weapon if you like to be free from an addiction. If you cant avoid, its ok.. but don't make it your crave...

      and its not a day to day battle.. when you can manage to make it(the avoiding part) a practice... yes surely it would be a tough fight in beginning. ...

      actually I am writing my own experience.. as how i left cigarettes and alcohol..

      I haven't totally left the last one.. but now I take it when I want, don't when I need.. I think you got what I am trying to say...

    • dahoglund profile image

      Don A. Hoglund 7 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

      Will power is an element but by itself I don't think it is always the answer. I am diebetic and had to learn to stick to certain diet requirements. Just avoiding this or that would become a day to day battle. What I found is need is a change of lifestyle,so to speak. You have to gt a mindset that the diet you are prescribed is the way you eat and simply move away from old habits. There is an element of will power but a change of perspective is also necessary.