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Stay Safe From The H1N1 Mexican Swine Flu: Potential Of Millions Dead

Updated on April 29, 2009

A fully-loaded Airbus 380 just crashed. The lives of all 500 people onboard snuffed out in one sudden disasterous calamity. Among the dead are babies, children, students, housewives, executives, service workers and pensioners. In the time it took you to read this, another has just crashed.

Within 15 seconds two more Airbus 380s, the largest passenger jet in the world, completely full of people have lost their lives in an unbelievable tragedy that creates banner headlines in international news and galvanizes the world.

But just now, another Airbus 380 has crashed, bringing the total toll of deaths to 1,500 in just over 30 seconds. Now another. Four of the biggest jetliners full of innocent civilians have died and the first minute of this tragedy is not even over yet.

Over two thousand people from all walks of life, from unemployed to celebrity, from toddler to senior citizen, plumbers, engineers, shopkeepers, farmers, CEOs, all dying abrupt, painful deaths each and every minute. The rich and the destitute die side by side.

This inconceivable, staggering number of deaths continue.

More people are killed in an hour than were in the entire Bosnian War. More people are killed in just two hours, the mere duration of a movie, than in the Boxing Day Indian Ocean Tsunami. More people are killed in a single night than in the Auschwitz Concentration Camp. The casualties of the Korean or Vietnam War are repeated each and every day.

By the time this inconceivable wave of death abates after four months, 400 million people are dead, a number roughly equivalent to every man, woman and child in North America. That is the toll that a full blown H1N1 global pandemic could have.

The Pentagon once estimated that three thousand nuclear warheads exploded on the United States of America would result in approximately 25 million casualties, which is actually fewer dead in that country than the effects of a pandemic of this magnitude.

However, being blasted into radioactive atoms in a millisecond by a nuclear detonation would be a quick and merciful death when compared with the suffocating, fevered way that millions of people will die.

In the pandemic that may very well soon come, it will be a suffering shared by over a third of a billion other people around the world who will soon face the same gruesome death. A quick death by nuclear blast would be strongly preferable to this noxious nightmare.

H1N1 is a virus that pandemic experts around the globe are almost unanimously claiming could very likely be the springboard for the next great human pandemic. This would not be just another epidemic, restricted to one unfortunate geographical location. . . a few isolated mountain villages in Mexico. . . but a true pandemic on a global scale where no one anywhere can consider themselves safe.

H1N1 has been primarily restricted to pigs up until now and only a few score of humans have died from it, but the virus has been evolving before the eyes of the medical research community day by day.

No nation anywhere on the planet has made plans for providing life-saving preventative drugs to more than a sixth of its population. Many highly developed, rich and powerful countries have stockpiled barely enough for 5 per cent of their people. The main problem is that there is almost no pharmaceutical that is effective against H1N1 and what forms currently exist simply cannot be produced any faster. The majority will be left completely unprotected against the overwhelming power of this modern plague. Who gets the drugs and who doesn’t has nothing to do with money, fame or power. It will be a strict and invariable government decree. If you ‘fit the profile’ then you get to live. If you don’t, you are left to fend for yourself and stand a strong chance of dying. If you don’t trust your government to select you to live, you must act now. That is your only chance at having a shot of forcing this grim reaper pass by you and your family.

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    • Hal Licino profile imageAUTHOR

      Hal Licino 

      10 years ago from Toronto

      Thanks for the kind words, pgrundy. The reaction to H1N1 has been all over the place. There are many who are taking their forecasts much further than I am comfortable in doing at this point in time and forecasting a death rate of one billion people. On the other end of the scale, there are many who think that this is nothing more than a common cold with scary hype attached to it. There are several factors in the current state of the virus that are of considerable concern, most importantly among them are the fatality rate of 7% and the demographic which is primarily hitting 20-40 year olds. Both of those are extremely anomalous from general influenza strains but virtually identical to the 1918 H1N1. I don't want to be classed with those who cry wolf, but I do have to rationally and sanely admit that there is a very real possibility that this strain will spark a pandemic, even though the chances are not in the majority... at least not as of the time of writing this!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      And yet, weirdly, many people are laughing this off and accusing the government of making too big a deal out of it.

      I think people are overdosed on bad news and just don't want to hear any more of it. It's irrational to panic and freak out with fear, but it's just as crazy to laugh it off like oh there they go again with the global pandemic thing...

      Pretty exhaustive research you've done here on all these. Thanks.


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