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Stay away from coke for 30 minutes before or after excercise

Updated on October 22, 2011

We all know that carbonic acid drink is harmful to health to some extent, it contains carbon dioxide, syrup, coloring matter and water. Coke and soda all belong to this category. Many people have the habit of drinking coke before or after exercise not knowing that it is harmful to health. I will explain why this causes problem.
Stay away from coke for 30 minutes before or after exercise. After having strenous exercise, sometimes you feel your body muscle as well as your waist and leg ache, you feel desperately thirsty and want to have a cup of iced coke because it makes you feel really cool. But you should be aware of the fact that it contains cardon dioxide and phosphoric acid, the two ingredients decided that coke cannot be recommended as a sport drink.
Decent amount of carbon dioxide can kill and inhibit the bacteria through drinks and take away body calories through evaporation to cool down the body heat, but the carbon dioxide in coke let us enjoy the coolness and stimulative texture of the drink and at the same time has a stimulative effect on our digestive system. It is especially true when you drink it before exercise and it probably causes a bulding stomach. Consequently it makes you feel bellyache during the exercise.

After having a fair amount of exercise, everyone should feel more or less tiring and aches, it is because we produce acidoid during exercise. The accumulation of acidoid can make you feel tired and if you have some coke contains phosphoric acid it will increase the degree of fatigue and hinders the moderation of the degree of acid-base. The fatigue cannot be easily recovered.

stay away from coke
stay away from coke

The expert suggestion to you: don not drink any coke within 30 minutes before or after exercise, because during exercise body loses a lot of electrolyte so it is wise to have some alkalescence drinks with electrolyte after excersie.


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