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Stay Active and Connected

Updated on August 6, 2009
Photo from Wiki Land
Photo from Wiki Land

It is important to remain active, especially while going through a change.  If you have been laid off from work or are experiencing another major shift in your life, get out and volunteer.  Set a schedule so that you get out of bed in the morning similar as you did before the shift.  This will help to minimize the impact of the change on your psyche, emotional system, etc.  And make sure that you get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine during the cooler times of the day.  For example, you can wrap up the day sitting on your front porch reading a favorite book, or better yet, just relaxing. 

Do something so that you regularly see the "good" in the change, because we can circle back around and not go forward if we build a wall at a stage of the change cycle.  It might take courage and faith or inner vision, but we can keep moving forward.  We can!

Pay attention to how you feel while you are going through a change or shift.  If you notice your moods or thoughts moving downwards, sign up for a continuing education class at your local community college, take your art and sketch out a drawing at the park or job search at a local cafe that provides WiFi service.  You can also spend one to two hours a day at the library job searching.  It changes your environment for several hours.

Believe it or not, being in a different environment can shift your mood suddenly.  Go to places where you feel happy and do not have outcome expectations other than to feel good.  Surround yourself with friends.  Laugh every chance you get. 

Exercise regularly at a gym or at a local track and field.  Who knows?  You might make some new friends.  Speak to folks at the gym, track or park.  There will probably be regulars there.  In time, you'll become one of them.  Connect with other people and fill your life up with new experiences, friendships and love.  They are ingredients that will help you move more easily through a major shift or change, much more easily than if you tried to do it all on your own.

Find a place to worship and conversate and chat with other people who worship where you do.  Rather than just going to church then going home, build relationships with the people around you.  Many people will have an insight into something you can do to move your career, family life, etc. forward that you hadn't thought of and might never have thought of on your own. 

Whatever you are experiencing, pay attention to how you feel.  Be aware.  Stay active and connected to others.  Keep your aim on where you want your life to be next and you'll get there.

All the best!

Dee Hubbing It Up!


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