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Staying Healthy Eating Organic Foods While Losing Weight

Updated on March 3, 2016

Staying healthy while losing weight is the primary objective of any many over weight people, or worse obese people in achieving a healthier state of healthy living. Also, the dilemma of being able to balance the healthy state without compromising the rate of weight loss and vice versa is normally confused as to how it should be done.

Some obese people become desperate and try drastic changes for losing weight that they become vulnerable to a non nutritive state, leading to complications and limitations arising from skipping meals such as nausea and ulcers.

Alternatively, a consciously focused individual on living a healthy life may forget that the primary goal is to shed the excessive fat and exercise regularly and would find himself not shedding the extra weight, all because of adding muscle mass. Such confusion may eventually cause the individual to lose interest in enduring and maintaining the current healthy practice and go back to unhealthy lifestyle with less hassle.

Overworking The Body

Another misconception in staying healthy while losing weight is that it can be done faster with more exercise every day. Though this might be true, our body can only take a certain amount of work before we get tired.

Intensifying the exercise process, hoping that you will add some jolt in the workload and therefore hasten the shedding process, this may trigger a rebound effect on your brain, for the brain has a mechanism that triggers a slow down of metabolism if the body is subjected to high calorie consumption. Moreover, complications like joint sprains and muscle injuries may occur as these are subjected to a load without having them adapt to it steadily.

Muscle Atrophy

In addition to the slow down of metabolism as a rebound effect, there is also another damaging outcome for the body to preserve as much energy reserves, instead of shedding extra fatty deposits, muscle cells get used up instead.

This is because protein is easier to synthesize into smaller components for energy sourcing than fat. Also, fat has larger energy content per unit than protein, therefore allowing the body to efficiently store energy at a much greater ratio. Such a scenario is called muscle atrophy. With Muscle atrophy, a person is then subjected to double time in gaining back the lost weight in muscles and at the same time keeping fat deposits at a low level.

Couple With Exercise

Staying healthy and losing weight at the same time requires both a lower calorie intake intended to gain the desired body weight requirement coupled with regular exercise.

Usually, the first few weeks will have very little results as the body will strive to adapt to the new stressor and hence change its metabolic rate. Noticeable weight loss would occur from the start of the third week, After which the rate off mass loss will drop until the desired weight gain is achieved.

Better Bowel Movement

Staying healthy while losing weight takes a considerable amount of time to achieve. There are never shortcuts nor easy way outs for this two to work together harmoniously. For an ideal healthy status while trying to lose weight; It is imperative to understand that the two should be well balanced in that none is trying to outbalance the aspects of the other.

Another important aspect of staying healthy is with the food that we consume. The food that we consume at each meal time or snack time greatly determines the kind of nutrients we will be getting.

The amounts of the nutrients also matter as any insufficiency or excessive may lead to illness or complications on the individual. Staying healthy with organic food has been frowned upon by a majority of the society as processed food and fast food products are made available in groceries, stores and supermarkets. These foods are normally advertised with as much flavorings as budget to keep them in the diet of many people.

Organic food has been known to be more beneficial to the body than their processed and artificial counterparts. Bowel Movement Organic foods, which normally come in form of fresh fruit produce and vegetable, contribute to a higher stability in bowel movement.

The fiber content of these fresh produce and vegetable is normally intact and almost undamaged. This high fiber content or quality absorbs the fluids in the intestines to form a solid fecal mass which is good for excretion. Think of these fibers as a broom passing through our intestines. The higher the quality of the broom bristles, the better efficiency there is in sweeping away old fecal deposits in our intestines. This therefore gives way for better nutrient absorption.

Reducing Health Risks

When consuming artificially prepared foods such as vegetables, meat and fruit, have in mind that you will be also ingesting artificial drug enhancers and pesticides that are used to prepare these kind of foods.  Some of this chemicals are contained in processed foods and they may not be thoroughly cleaned until cooking.

Organically prepared produce and meat  are grown without any pesticides and chemicals thereby reducing greatly the risk of unwanted illness. illnesses that occur with chemicals accidentally ingested are related to the gastrointestinal tract disorder.

Containing Higher Nutrient Levels

Organic foods retain the amount of nutrients that they should ideally be containing. As compared to artificially processed foods, organic foods have not been subjected to the different processing methods that transform original food products to different forms. Changing organic food structure and heating these organic foods, sometimes with even simple slicing, would cause some nutrient value to disintegrate and be lost.

The biggest culprit is canned goods since they pass through countless artificial flavorings and processing bins to produce a supposed food product. In addition, the main harmful ingredient of canned foods is preservatives. Preservatives are chemicals used to reduce the process of deterioration of all organic products.

Better Environment

With the method of growing organic food products, the environment is saved from chemical alteration by the  pesticides and chemicals  that should have been used. Ecological balance is maintained in this method and would result to a better living environment for all individuals as well.

The idea of staying healthy with organic food is the best way to maximize nutritive efficiency in a person’s body system.

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    • Brinafr3sh profile image

      Brinafr3sh 6 years ago from West Coast, United States


      Organic foods is the way to go, if we plan on being healthy and maintaining our weight to not get fat. Thanks