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Weight Loss: Trying To Lose When The Scale's Not Moving

Updated on October 2, 2019

Weight Loss

After you've decided to lose weight you want results right away but, you know it doesn't happen like that. It takes time. What to do in the meantime? It's hard when you're trying and nothing seems to be happening. You want to give up. Don't. The time you've put in already is valuable. All of that thinking is good for you. It made you start your diet didn't it?

When you're feeling frustrated do something to get yourself back on track. One way to do this is to make a motivation board. It can be any size you'd like. It can be the size of note card or as big as a large poster board. What you do is cut out pictures of healthy food, colorful workout gear, tranquil settings, and motivating words to enhance your new lifestyle. Paste them on the board and study it every chance you get. Some people put it on their frig. Others put it in the bathroom.

Remember you're learning something new. You have to study your nutrition program and your exercise routine. When it comes to the food you eat, try to make eating fun. Start with new recipes. Have friends over when you're sauteing onions and garlic for an Italian dishes. Sip some white wine. Turn on some music, or have a movie running on the counter for a little background stimulation. While you're cooking slice veggies and fruits for snacking since it's good to eat them before a meal so you'll feel full without eating too much later.

To make sure you only eat a small portion of the pasta you're making include a salad or broccoli with the meal. If you're still hungry, try ingesting some more protein instead of seconds of the pasta. It could be a couple of slices of roasted chicken or a smoothie. It doesn't matter that much just so it's not some fatty meat. This will keep you full longer than consuming more carbohydrates.

When you're done eating get out of the kitchen. Now is the time to get involved in as many activities as you can. Exercise is the best thing to do to fill up time and to gain a better fitness level. When you're out walking it can be both a workout, and a way to reduce stress.

A good thing to know too, is why it is that you want to lose weight. Do you want to be healthy? Do you want to look great in your swim suit? Find out what your main motivation is, and be sure to keep it at the top of your mind each day as you move along. Do whatever it takes, and don't spend a minute thinking about what anyone else thinks about your motivations.

When people see you dressed in comfortable clothing suitable for exercise they'll know you're really serious about what you're doing. It doesn't matter whether you're doing sit-ups in the tanning booth or actually going out for a walk. Just the idea that you're dressed and capable of doing some exercise may actually get you to do some.

If you've ever been thinner, think about what it was like getting dressed and feeling very nice and comfortable in your skin. Look at some thinner photos. Believe you can be that thin again. Remember how good it felt. You can have that!

Hobbies can help keep you occupied with your hands, your body, your time. Go back to something you love to do, or choose something new. Just make it something that's fairly easy to pick up. When you have something going like a short story, or a craft of some sort you can get involved at a moment's notice, and you won't be running to the kitchen.

So, to wrap it all up, if you want to lose weight I'd say don't weigh too often; focus on possibilities; don't beat yourself up; exercise and watch food intake; play games, and find your reason for weight loss.


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