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Staying fit to stay healthy

Updated on June 25, 2015
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Akoria Ofega is a Computer Science student who loves reading as well as writing. She writes about what she sees or felt.

We only have this one body to carry us for our entire lives. Why not take care of it and pamper it in a way that it will serve its long-term purpose.

We all want to live long lives, don't we? If the answer is yes, there are a few things we have to start doing or stop doing in order to keep this amazing body for as long as we want.


Our bodies need exercise. Exercising helps us tone up our muscle, we must incorporate exercise into our daily routines.

Being too busy is not an excuse to neglect the healing power of exercise. You do not necessarily have to have 2-3 hours of exercise everyday. You can try to squeeze in a couple of routines that could last for about 10-30 minutes everyday. Running, jogging, brisk-walking, yoga are a few things that we can afford to do everyday.

The funny thing about exercising is that, it is like Karma. If you run away from it initially, it always finds a way of catching up with you.

For example, if you cannot spare a few minutes to run, jog, walk or participate in yoga, you tend to store up body fat. Where does fat store? Fat stores around our sensitive organs(such as the lungs, kidneys or heart) to help protect them or stores just underneath our skin.

In the case of our sensitive organs, after excess fat stores over them, it tends to squeeze these organs, hence, leading to complications. When this happens, you have to see a doctor and he/she advices that you incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Viola! Exercising catches up with you. At this point, you may not enjoy it so much because it is now compulsory instead of being something you do for fun.

In the case of our skin, fats store up and lead to bloating, cellulite, stretch marks and other skin related illnesses. At this point, we start running helter-skelter looking for solution after solution. The solutions may involve medications or even surgery sometimes, and all this can be avoided by simply incorporating exercises into your daily routine.

There, take out time, make a time table if necessary and plan your daily routine. You do not have to run everyday. Learn to vary your routine and task your body to go an extra mile each day.

Running is a good way to keep fit
Running is a good way to keep fit

Healthy eating

Another way to keep our bodies to last us for the long-term is to eat right.

Is there a right way to eat? You bet there is!

The most important meal in the day is Breakfast. Never skip breakfast. Never skip any meal really, but never skip breakfast. Don't even delay break. There should nothing like "a late breakfast". Breakfast is important because it is the first meal of the day and it is the meal that jump-starts your day. Naturally dinner should be taken early and light, therefore, you are bound to be hungry in the morning. The brain uses up a lot of our cells and energy and it is only right to replace them.

When you eat late breakfast or skip breakfast, you force the brain to work on reserve and hence, destroying the brain cells.

Breakfast also is meant to be a light meal so that you can carry your body around and be smart. When you eat a heavy breakfast, the chances of you being slow as well as getting tired easily is high.

Breakfast should be food rich in proteins to help your tissues and cells. Ideas for breakfast include:

  • 2 slices of toast with peanut butter spread and tea or coffee
  • oatmeal and 1-2 slices of toast with peanut butter spread
  • A glass of milk and toast with peanut butter spread

and other varieties of health light-weight foods.

Lunch should be a bit heavier than breakfast because, the body will have worked and will need to be replenished. Though lunch should be heavy, it shouldn't be as heavy as a rock or mountain. Just kidding! Lunch can also be broken down into bits. Eating a lot of food at a go is not very good for the body, food should be eaten in bits over a period of time so that the digestive system as well as the abdominal muscle do not have to work overtime.

Do not eat junk in between meals. It is a great temptation we face everyday of our lives and our bodies applaud us whenever we are able to fight the temptation of eating junk. Junk has no nutritional value and will only task our digestive system more and give us more calories that we have to burn. Eat healthy food at all times and help reduce complications.

Lastly, dinner should be eaten light and early. It is best to eat early and light so that the enzymes in the digestive system can digest the food before you go to bed and sleep. Eating late will not give the digestive system enough time to digest the food before you go to bed. Also, eating light will make the digestive system reduce the work it has to do. Healthy eating is key.

Always go for healthy choices. Not necessarily tastier choices.
Always go for healthy choices. Not necessarily tastier choices.
Drinking natural smoothies are great for breakfast
Drinking natural smoothies are great for breakfast
Learn to add fruits to your diet
Learn to add fruits to your diet

Give it a second thought

Whatever you want to do with your body, give it a second thought. Think of the beneficial factors, if there are any and weigh your options. If it is not healthy, don't do it.

Also remember to do exercises everyday or at least 5 times a week for healthy living.

And lastly, see a doctor regularly for check ups.

Engage in full body stretches


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