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Do you have a difficult time "Staying out of the hospital?"

Updated on November 19, 2015

How to stay out of the hospital? The question at first glance sounds like an easy task, but for some, this is hard to accomplish. This blog will have methods to improve your odds and odds of your loved ones in staying out of the hospital.

My background is nursing. I have been a nurse in various healthcare fields, and so I noticed ways to improve your odds of staying out of the hospital. In the ten years I have been a Registered Nurse, I have worked as a hospital bedside nurse, home care nurse, doctor’s office nurse, and an informatics nurse. From these experiences and research about this topic, I am putting together a blog about staying out of the hospital. Does this mean if you follow these steps, you are guaranteed to stay out of the hospital, or your loved ones will be hospital free? The answer is no, there is still a chance, but your odds of staying out of a hospital will be greatly increased.

Some causes of readmission that will be discussed on this blog are as follows: comorbidities (pre disposed conditions that make it more likely you will be in the hospital), mental health, education (asking questions and taking notes at doctor’s offices and hospitals), coordination of care, polypharmacy (medications comes with side effects and risks, the more you have the more likely this will be an issue), home safety (fall risk), and trusting your doctor (Anderson et al., 2006, p. 160).

This is a problem, for the patient, hospital, and insurance company. Did you know in 2011 (January through November only) Medicare costs for readmissions was Twenty Four Billion dollars for 1.8 million patients (Shinkman 2014). There is room for improvement and this blog will give tips on reducing your odds of staying out of the hospital, or if you happen to have been admitted and discharged from a facility recently, improving your odds of not going back. If you have questions or topics you would like to have addressed, please comment below and will see if those topics can be addressed too.

Matthew, MSN, RN


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Shinkman, R. (2014, April 12). Readmissions lead to $41.3B in additional hospital costs. Retrieved August 26, 2015.


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