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How do you Get Rid of Freckles and Sunspots

Updated on October 17, 2013

Can you Get rid of these imperfections?

Yes it's possible - First of all you should know that there is no miracle cure for Freckles and to completely remove them will take 6 months to a year, While it is possible to speed that process up with laser removal which is very expensive ($400 per session) it is more beneficial for you in the long run to do it the natural way because not only will this remove you're sunspots it will also increase your health in general and give your skin a permanent healthy glow.

Lets look at this logically, skin cells need you to eat the right types of food to regenerate to its fullest potential as well as drinking plenty of water. It takes six weeks for your body to fully exfoliate the outer layer of the skin, now if you are to eat all of the right foods and drink the right amount of water during that time then that means within six weeks you will see a significant improvement in your skin tone.

The body is aware that your Pigmentation is a problem so giving it what it needs to tackle the problem should be your first step. There are other ways of speeding up the process which i will be sharing with you later on but DO NOT skip ahead before taking this all important first step of getting your Diet right because if you don't then the rest simply won't work for you in the long term because as soon as your out in the sun again your body will just repeat the process because you haven't deal with the problem internally.

Foods with the Highest Volume of Vitamin

Vitamin A Rich Foods
Vitamin B Rich Foods
Vitamin C Rich Foods
Vitamin E Rich Foods
Bran (Rice and Wheat)
Red and Green Chilli Peppers
Sunflower Seeds
Sweet Potatoes
Paprika and Red Chilli Powder
Dried Herbs and Spices
Bell Peppers
Dark Leafy Greens
Garlic (Raw)
Fresh Herbs (thyme etc)
Pine Nuts
Butternut Squash
Dark Leafy Greens (baby Cress etc)
Dried Herbs
Fish (Cod, Salmon, Tuna)
Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Cauliflower
Dried Herbs(basil and Oregano)
Red Lettuce
Sunflower Seeds
Kiwi Fruits
Dried Apricots
Dried Apricots
Pickled Green Olives
Hazelnuts or filberts
Oranges and Clementines
Cooked Spinach
Cooked Taro Root

Step 1: Eat The Right Foods

Think of your body as a finely tuned machine (which is what it actually is), if you are lacking in anything that the body needs then your anatomy will let you know about it. You will start to become more prone to illness as well as potentially developing many skin diseases that the sun can cause if you are not protected properly and the foods that you eat are what gives you the protection that you need as well as the cure.

With the correct foods you're body will Self Correct skin tone: Vitamin A,B,C and E are essential for healthy skin regeneration, in which case you will want to find the foods that contain these Vitamins in the highest volume. This is not an instant solution to your skin tone problems but it will set you on the right path to tackling the problem.

To your right you will see a list with the foods that contain the highest volume (mg) of nutrients all of which are essential for your body in order for it to regenerate its original skin tone. You will notice that some of the foods are on more than one list and that means that it is giving you a high volume of more than one vitamin, my suggestion is to incorporate these ingredients into your diet as best you can because they will give you the best results.

Keep in mind that the body can only absorb so many vitamins at one time so there is no need to eat these foods excessively as it will only go to the sewers!

Step 2: Regular Exfoliation

There are a Few ways that you can do This:

  1. Use Exfoliation creams - Two to three times a week when you take a bath or a shower. you can get a decent brand for around $12.00 which is an affordable expense or you could get a more expensive one which will aid your exfoliation process to a faster speed but be careful not to make it go so quickly that the body can't keep up because that would then make the skin very sensitive and more prone to sun damage.
  2. Exercising daily - This will help in the exfoliation process because you are forcing your body to use up the nutrients that it has taken in putting them to work faster and regenerating new skin cells at a quicker rate. Go running once a week as well as getting yourself a hobby that includes physical activity, this will make exercise less of a chore and more fun!
  3. Get a microdermabrasion Machine - Sounds expensive and they are a little bit but if you can afford around $80.00 it would be a handy little tool for you to use in the comfort of your own home, follow the instructions and again don't go over the top with it just use it twice a week which will be more than sufficient for the exfoliation process. My personal suggestion is to dab the attachable in olive oil (which is rich in vitamin E) because as you are breaking up the skin you are also moisturising it with a very desirable nutrient to the skin.
  4. Get Retin-A Cream - which not only lightens your skin over time it also helps you're skin to peel removing the outer layer of the skin and revealing the newer and healthier looking skin.

These suggestions will aid the body in its exfoliation process which is what it wants to do anyway so by using these methods you are working with your own anatomy providing extra support for it to get the job done quicker.

Step 3: Use Skin Lightening Creams

The main reason for this is to block the production of melanin to specific parts of your skin, depending on how many sunspots/liver Spots you have this is the most time consuming process and i want to stress the importance of only putting the cream on the affected areas. I'm guilty of smearing it all over my body and it just didn't work because i was not only lightening my sunspots but also the skin that was already even which was pointless. Having said that if you do have clusters of sunspot then its OK to smear it because you will see a major difference regardless.

This again is an aide for your body to even out the skin and you are just helping it along with what it already wants to do, there are many products our there that claim to help even your skin tone but don't actually have any permanent effect so it's important that you pick the right ones. Look for products with either Hydroquinone or Kojic Acid in them as these are the most effective in reducing the amount of melanin in the skin (Folic Acid works well too).

What you should Know

  1. This is not an alternative to the other steps it will only speed them up, Eating healthily is still the most important step and without it nothing will work!
  2. Some creams can cause irritation so consult your doctor.
  3. Hydroquinone has been banned over the counter in Europe because of a possible connection to skin cancer but can still be bought online but use with caution.
  4. Over Time the Cost will add up so make sure that you can afford it over a period of 6 months.
  5. Relax and don't expect an overnight miracle.

A Potential Step: Use a Selsun Blue Product

Did you know that there a two types of Sun Damage? - there are Solar Lentigines which are the sun induced sunspots while Tinea Versicolor is a fungal disease also caused by the sun which produces the same problem in white skinned people which is dark spots on the skin, it is much easier for darker skinned people to know which type of sunspot they have because when it is the fungal disease then their spots will be white but for white skinned people it would be best to see a doctor or a dermatologist so that you can be diagnosed correctly.

Tinea Versicolor favours teenagers and young adults and while it can spread quickly in your own body it is not contagious to other people. You will also be pleased to know that you can treat this problem with selsun blue products and its very easy to do!

Also known as selenium sulphide it helps to fight the fungal infection and also prevents further spreading to other parts of your body, the weird thing about this product is that it comes in shampoo form and is similar to head and shoulders. As always before using this product or anything like it you should consult your doctor making sure that this product will work for you and also ensuring you won't have any kind of reaction to the product.

The way to use this product is

  • Apply it to the affected areas avoiding the eyes and the genital areas
  • Rub it into the skin using small amounts of warm water (this is important as it will not enter into the skin on its own)
  • Leave it on the skin for ten minutes
  • Rinse the skin thoroughly with warm water ensuring you have removed it all
  • Repeat the process daily for 2 weeks, observe the differences and decide if you need further treatment

Denorex is a more severe and highly effective alternative however it is not to be used daily, the best thing to do would be to first Use selsun blue for a couple of weeks to build up your skins resistance and then start to use denorex once a week and no more than that.


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    • CrisSp profile image

      CrisSp 4 years ago from Sky Is The Limit Adventure

      I have sun spots and so far amongst the many products that I've tried, Olay is working, not miraculously though but I see improvements or maybe because I'd also scrub the affected area with ACV and lemon. I never knew about Selsun Blue but I find that interesting.

      Good job in writing this hub. Voting up and useful.

    • Dannytaylor02 profile image

      Daniel Nathan Taylor 5 years ago from United Kingdom, Liverpool

      Thanks Vicki, I personally know how hard it can be to live with and anything that helps people understand what to do about it is a good thing.

    • profile image

      Vickiw 5 years ago

      Enjoyed your article, and there are some great tips for those of us who think about our non-perfect skins on a daily basis.

    • Dannytaylor02 profile image

      Daniel Nathan Taylor 5 years ago from United Kingdom, Liverpool

      thank you rcrumple hope you enjoyed it and now maybe you can impart that wisdom onto anyone who does have this problem.

      Thanks for your support

    • rcrumple profile image

      Rich 5 years ago from Kentucky

      Interesting information. No problem here, but will definitely keep in mind. Well presented and researched. Good job!

    • Dannytaylor02 profile image

      Daniel Nathan Taylor 5 years ago from United Kingdom, Liverpool

      Thanks sarah, i tried my best to MAKE them read that part too emphasizing the importance of it so hopefully that's enough!

    • sarahshuihan profile image

      Sarah 5 years ago from USA

      Very well researched and informed hub. I'm glad you wrote about diet first, because people don't seem to realize that having good skin and a good diet go hand in hand.