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Stepping Into 2020 in Style

Updated on January 22, 2020
Tinotenda Manyumbu profile image

Tinotenda is a very interesting 21-year-old woman who studies human behavior in her spare time and is passionate about the arts.

Hello 2020, Bye bye 2019

So firstly, I am not for the idea that we need to add one to the current year to start doing whatever we deem necessary. I can start a new project on the 29th of December but I guess it gives people some form of structure in terms of time. Since this is the time when most people resolve to do things differently and set goals we might as well dive right into it. Yes, it's a new year, we're buying new planners and growing older but please keep reminding yourself that it's the same you unless you decide to change and be intentional about that resolution. There's no magic that's just going to cause things to happen simply because it's now 2020. If you want to see change you will have to create it. In 2020 we are taking full responsibility for our goals, our actions, our emotions and everything else that pertains to us. We need that control and that accountability.


Do something new, break tradition.

1. Be bold and daring

This will be relevant in 2021, and beyond so do take notes and keep them safe.

  • Dare to explore unfamiliar shores and unexplored waters alone- you do not always have to do stuff with people. Just do amazing stuff, with or without company. Not only is it easier and hassle-free but you also get to know yourself more when you're alone. You learn to be independent. Who doesn't want to be independent? Waking up knowing that you will accomplish your mission for the day whether or not your peers tag along. That's control right there.
  • Familiarity can be so warm and comfy. It's so much easier to just stick to what you're used but it does not stretch you. Do something new, break tradition. If something has proved to not be effective, snap out of it. We are not going to spend years stuck in a pattern that is ineffective. Try a new study method if the old one isn't working, do things differently.

Your mental health matters

Everything seems brighter when you're in the right state of mind.

The hidden aspects

  • It is tempting to only focus on the things that people can see but in this season what happens behind closed doors matters too. Invest in your mental health, strive to be sane. Eat right, drink water, glow, and also seek assistance if you're not okay. Everything seems brighter when you're in the right state of mind. Talk to someone you trust if anything is bothering you and also let those close to you know that you're there if they need you.
  • Boundaries are necessary. Know what you can and can't control. This will save you loads of frustration. Set emotional boundaries. Set financial boundaries. Just have that element of control over your life.

Social media

Do not use social media as a substitute for meaningful connections

Social media and technology

  • Do not use social media as a substitute for meaningful connections with actual people. Make meaningful connections. You do not need a fanbase that can fill a stadium to capacity but it is essential to have a few reliable people you can run to when there is need. It's probably a cliche by now but it never gets old, two are better than one. Two actual people, not two strangers you're friends with on facebook.
  • Live in the moment. Don't always see the world through the camera lens. Not only does this keep your private life private but it also enables you to fully and thoroughly enjoy the good times. Feel every emotion and be truly present in the moment without the pressure to be picture perfect. Do not slave away for likes in this new season. Pursue greater things.

Nothing beats that afterglow of satisfaction.

Better yourself

Last but not least, improve yourself. We love ourselves some ever-evolving, ever-progressing, and ever-growing people. Stretching themselves and finding room for improvement in every season. Learn a new skill, learn a new language, travel. Do something you can look back at and give yourself a pat on the shoulder. Nothing beats that afterglow of satisfaction.

Wishing you an amazing 2020 full of adventures and new endeavors. Smiles, love and laughter all the way. It is upon us, let us make the most of it. Cheers.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Tinotenda Manyumbu


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